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horse riding holidays

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1. Choose your destination:
Choose the destination: in Provence, in France, other country, taking into account that transport is not included in our prices, depending on your budget. We do not include transport because it is generally more interesting to book your flights yourself, a package including flights is generally more expensive with agency commissions. However, we are at your disposal to help you find the best rates or to offer you a transport trip included on request: free services.

horse riding in Provence

In Provence:
Provence horse riding holidayCap Rando "Organization": with our horses and our guides.
horse riding holiday ProvenceCap Rando "Selection": organized by selected partners.

horse riding in France

In France:
horse riding holiday in FranceCap Rando offers a selection of horse riding trips, in the most beautiful regions of France.


All over the World:
international horse ridingWe have selected the most beautiful equestrian destinations and the best providers for horseback trips and equestrian holidays with quality services.
horse riding holiday in the worldSome holidays have been selected by partner agencies, carrying out a rigorous control of the quality of the services.

2. Choose your riding holiday according to your riding level:
beginner horse riding holiday : Equestrian vacations accessible to all levels of riders, having had a first experience and knowing at least how to walk and trot in order to make the most of the stay. Some of these rides are open to beginner riders, and / or may be suitable for experienced riders: they are offered at all levels and all experiences, groups of levels can be offered. See the "equestrian info" tab on the page of the stay that interests you.
conformed rider holiday: Stays and horse rides for riders comfortable at the three gaits (walk, trot, canter) but with little or no experience of outdoor riding.
good rider holiday: For experienced riders comfortable at the three gaits (walk, trot, gallop) outdoors, able to evolve on all types of terrain.

3. Choose the type of riding holiday:
stage équitationRiding courses, with courses in an arena, and some horse riding and treks on certain courses.
stationary horse riding holidayHorseback rides in star, with return every evening to the same accommodation: suitable for unconfirmed riders outside or who want a stay without having to change accommodation every night.
horse riding holidaysEquestrian holidays in star radiating around an accommodation, with 1 or 2 nights in different accommodation(s): suitable for riders who wish a progressive stay to prepare for an Inn to Inn riding trip.
progressive horse riding tripProgressive Inn to Inn looped horseback rides that return to the starting point on the last day.

inn to in horse riding tripHorseback Inn to Inn riding trips, starting from a point and ending at a distant point, with return of horses by truck and riders by vehicle.

Advantages and disadvantages of a progressive Inn to Inn ride and a stationary ride:
The stationary ride:
- A stationary ride around one accommodation avoids having to pack your luggage every day. Accommodation is generally very comfortable. Depending on the weather, it is easy to adapt the program. It is generally easy to change horses during the stay if necessary. Main disadvantage: the landscapes are often similar every day.
The progressive ride:
- A progressive Inn to Inn trtail ride allows to cover long distances with varied landscapes. Disadvantages often experienced as a travel experience: the accommodations have a different comfort every night and you often have to pack ! Other imperatives: be ready to ride whatever the weather conditions, accept that the route varies according to the conditions, trust your guide for the allocation of your horse which cannot be changed along the way except in urgent cases. And finally: progressive rides and horseback trips, with significant logistics, are more expensive: the prices are not justified by the comfort of the accommodation but by the high logistics costs!

4. Choose your comfort:
horse riding campCamps: we do not offer rustic horse holidays. The rides are tent camps, with generally a large mess tent for meals, individual tents with at least one mattress for sleeping, very often showers and toilets. Treks are in comfortable yurts, as in Mongolia, in tents "real tents", sometimes luxury, as on certain safaris. For each stay, go to the "comfort" tabs to see the precise descriptions.
image 1322In camps and in bedrooms: rides offered with alternating camps and rooms.
comfortable horse riding holidayIn dormitory: Accommodation in several and sometime many beds in a room, generally with with showers, and minimum comfort.
image-20220807103433-1You can choose between bedroom or dormitory: some stays are offered with accommodation of your choice. As the rooms and dormitories are generally in the same place, meals are taken together regardless of the accommodation chosen.
image-20220807103544-2 Some nights in bedrooms, some nights in dormitories.
good comfort horse riding holidayAll nights in bedoom, in guest houses or hotels. Check if you want rooms with private bathrooms, if these are guaranteed every night. Single bedrooms are generally available at an additional cost if you are alone and do not wish to share. If you book a shared room and no one signs up wishing to share, and you are alone in the bedrooms, the supplement is generally requested.
luxury horse riding holiday Luxury accommodation, mostly in 3 * or 4 * equivalent (French standard), or luxury camps.

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you choose the destination, horseback riding, equestrian holidays suited to your desires and constraints ... to make the most of your riding holidays !

The Cap Rando advantage: our horse travel agency is managed by professional equestrian guides: guiding many rides ourselves for more than 35 years, we are fully aware of the demands of riders to guide you in the best way possible.

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