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Cap Rando Organization : Trips organized by Cap Rando in Provence with our guides and horses
provence horseback holidays
Week equestrian holidays in Provence

Book fefore February 28 a Cap Rando "Organization" Spring week ride with our horses and guides:
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Cap Rando Selection : Trips organized by Cap Rando partners
horse riding holiday in Spain
Week horse riding holidays in Spain

Book before February 28 a Spring ride:
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Cap Rando Selection : Trips organized by Cap Rando partners
equestrian holidays in italy
Week equestrian holidays in Italy

Book before February 28 a Spring ride:
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Cap Rando Selection : Trips organized by Cap Rando partners
horseback riding in camargue
Riding in Camargue in February and March

With the regulation due to covid,
we offer horseback rides in Camargue at reduced prices without dinners and breakfasts, kitchen at your disposal

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Leader in horseback trip organization in Provence, selection of the best equestrian facilities in Provence.

CAP RANDO "ORGANIZATION": with our guides and horses from our tourism equestrian center 
CAP RANDO "SELECTION": with our partners

Horseback riding in Provence
Leader in Provence since 1987

Week rides in Provence
horse riding tour in Provence
horse riding in Provence and Camargue, and 2 days rides in south of France
horseback rides in Provence - 1 hour to 1 day

One of the first horse travel agencies created in France more than 30 years ago.
An agency run by professional equestrian guides who make a selection of the best destinations and parners over the World.

CAP RANDO "SELECTION": Equestrian holidays & Horse riding trips with partners selected for the quality of their services.
CAP RANDO "PARTNER AGENCY SELECTION": Equestrian holidays & Horse riding trips selected by our partner agencies.


equestrian vacation in France
Horseback Trail Rides, Horse Riding Trips selected by our experienced professional guides.

Provence horseback riding
South of France horse ride
Corsica horse riding
Bordeaux wine horseback ride
Horseback trail ride Loire Castles
Normandy horseback tour


equestrian holidays in the world
Horseback Trail Rides, Horse Riding Trips and Vacations selected by our experienced professional guides or our partner agencies.

horseback riding trip in France
horseback riding trip in Italy
horseback riding vacation in Tuscany
horseback riding trip in Sicily
horseback riding trip in Spain
horseback trail ride in Andalusia
horseback riding in Spain Catalonia, Costa Brava
horseback riding trip in Spain Castile
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equestrian holiday in the Azores
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horseback riding holiday in NORTH AFRICA : MOROCCO
horse riding safari in Africa
horseback riding in Turkey Cappadocia
horseback riding in Jordan
equestrian holiday in Oman
equestrian holiday in the Emirates
Horseback trail rides in Mongolia
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horseback riding holiday Brazil
Horseback Trail rides in Argentina
Horseback Trail ride in Peru
Australia horseback riding

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 The Cap Rando equestrian travel agency:

equestrian holidays Our almost 35 year experience, not only in sales, but above all in the creation and guiding of horseback riding trips.
image 1181 Your contact: not only a seller, but a professional licensed guide, perfectly familiar with the rider demands, to help you make the best choice for your equestrian holidays !
horseback riding holidays and vacations Our responsiveness: a quick response 7 days a week to your emails, during the day, or within 24 hours maximum !
horse riding vacations The guarantee of your payments by our registration as a travel operator with an unlimited deposit. 
If you book a trip through Cap Rando, you have the guarantee not to loose any payment.  The French law is the strongest and requires all French travel agencies to have an unlimited financial guarantee for their customers in case of financial failure.

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