CAP RANDO: An equestrian tourism center in Provence and a World equestrian travel agency.
After almost 40 years and thousands of kilometers traveled on horseback ... Cap Rando Cheval has become the leader in horseback riding trip organization in Provence, and one of the oldest equestrian travel agencies in the world: the only one run by professional equestrian guides for the best advice !

image-20220630120958-1Cap Rando: What is the meaning of Cap Rando: Cap means "destination", Rando means "riding, hiking, cycling on trails".
Cap Rando was created almost 40 years ago, in 1987 by Didier SIMONOT. « I started riding at the age of 7 in an equestrian center near Paris. At the age of 12, my parents offered me a horse ride in Lozère: I then discovered the pleasure of combining my two passions: horses and travel. Quickly, I was lucky that my parents offered me a horse after our installation in Provence. I then decided to get out of the arenas and trails around the center, by proposing to friends to travel with our horses. Until the age of 18, I organized trail rides with friends all over Provence, and I get my equestrian guide licence, mandatory in France, and started to hire my services beside my computer activity ... In 1987, at 26, I decided to share and live of my passion by buying a property in the Luberon to create Cap Rando ! Quickly, I realizeded that many riders were repeating their tides with us in Provence, and wanted to discover other regions and countries on horseback, so I decided to extend our offer by selecting partners in France and abroad: Cap Rando became an equestrian holiday agency: one of the oldest, the only one run by licensed equestrian guides who guide groups all year round, who thus fully know the demands of riders. The team brings its experience to our providers to create and improve their rides: Cap Rando, is not only a horse travel agency, but also a quality label !
Since then, Cap Rando has grown: becoming the leading organizer of horse riding trips in Provence, one of the leaders in France, and one of the oldest equestrian travel agencies ! After years and thousands of kilometers traveling on horseback, Cap Rando is developing around my two sons and a guide team, friends: all passionate about horses and travel, but also about sharing and conviviality with our fellow riders ! »

 The Cap Rando image 1181:

image 1181 Almost 40 year experience: not only in sales, but above all in the creation and guiding of horseback riding trips.
image 1181 The best advice: Your contact is not only a seller, but a professional licensed guide, perfectly familiar with the rider demands, to help you make the best choice for your equestrian holidays !
image 1181 Our responsiveness: a quick answer to your requests !
image 1181 A privileged partnership with our equestrian providers: Being ourselves guides and organizers of horseback riding trips, we maintain a privileged relationship with our partners in the World who appreciate and benefit from our experience, ensuring the best welcome to our riders !
image 1181 The guarantee of your payments by our registration as a travel operator with an unlimited deposit. If you book a trip through Cap Rando, you have the guarantee not to loose any payment.  The French law is the strongest and requires all French travel agencies to have an unlimited financial guarantee for their customers in case of financial failure.

A family and friends around a passion ...

Cap Rando creator & Director
- Equestrian Master Guide -

Horse riding in the South of France
Cap Rando's accommodation Manager
- Equestrian Guide -

Pont Royal equestrian center Director
- Equestrian Guide & Riding Instructor -

Guide at Cap Rando
- Equestrian Guide -

Marie Fischer, Guide équestre à CAP RANDO
Guide at Cap Rando
- Equestrian Guide -

Guide at Cap Rando
- Equestrian Guide -

agence voyage equestre
Pierre CAYOL
Trail ride assistant
- Equestrian Guide -


Marketing & Webmaster
- Equestrian Guide & Riding Instructor -


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Horsemanship coach 
- Equestrian Guide & Riding Instructor -


Our equestrian guides in the World such as :


Guide at Cap Rando & in Romania

Guide in Jordan

Guide in Morocco

Guide in Tuscany

Guide in Spain

Guide in Croatia


And all our other guides all over the World ...

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Some rider reviews 

Elaine - Sicily

To manage our registrations with Cap Rando, Didier, was very efficient. He kept us fully informed of the rapidly changing regulations during the covid crisis, and spoke to us and the facility to make sure everything was going smoothly during our trip.

Suzanne - Majorca

I have just had a horse riding holiday in Majorca and the agency service was exceptional. My contact at Cap Rando was able to deal with the unexpected with efficiency and professionalism, and it was thanks to Didier that I was able to have a very good stay, a big thank you! This is the 3rd horse travel agency that I try and it is by far the best, I highly recommend!


Sandy - Tuscany

Overall, Cap Rando is an excellent company to travel with. One improvement could be in the pre-ride communication. Once the PDF packet arrived a few months before hand, there was no additional communication. I would have liked to get an occasion email saying my trip is coming up and here's something important to remember. It helps to build excitement for the trip and to keep Cap Rando front and center.


Madison – Provence

Finally, equestrian professionals who understand outdoor riders, you have great rides and a magnificent change of scenery, no need to go to the end of the world....we all have it there ! see you soon


Nathaly – Camargue

I booked a riding weekend in the Camargue and I highly recommend Cap Rando. The organization was top, the service remarkable and the people very accommodating.


Valéry – Multiple Rides

I started my first ride with Caprando after a year of horse riding, the last as confirmed rider. This organization is extraordinary.
I found there an excellent welcome, a choice of varied and original destinations and a very great professionalism of the guides who are concerned with comfort, not only of the riders, but also of their mount. Safety is constantly reminded throughout the rides. At each level a suitable mount, generous horses, well in their heads and who go everywhere. I highly recommend !