Horse riding in Provence
Travel on horseback in Provence : from the Luberon to the Camargue, in the Alpilles of Van Gogh, the Montagne Sainte Victoire of Cezanne, the Upper Provence of Peter Mayle. We offer stationary programs with return to the equestrian center all or some nights, or Inn to Inn horseback trips…
Week equestrian rides in Provence
Week horseback riding in Provence through the varied landscapes of Provence between mountains, hills, and beaches...
Provence Lavender rides
Lavender horseback rides in Provence lavender
New Catalonia horseback trail rides
Horseback riding Catalonia. Discover the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees
Discover our horseback riding holiday special offers.
Horseback riding in Spain. Spain is a Cap Rando major destination, and especially Catalonia. Discover the Costa Brava (meaning wild coast) and its hinterland, a region with varied landscapes, extraordinary beauty and natural heritage. Medieval fishing villages dot the rugged coastline…
The most popular horse riding trips in Provence
For almost 40 years, Cap Rando has organized horseback trail rides all over the Provence: from the Luberon to the Camargue, in the Alpilles of Van Gogh, the Upper Provence. Inn to Inn horseback trips with different accommodations every night : our speciality !
Horse riding in Camargue
​   Horseback riding in Camargue. The Camargue is the Rhône delta, on the Mediterranean coast, the south of Provence, the heart of the cowboy culture in France: the Camargue herdsmen . The Camargue is a horse land. The Camargue horse is usually small, with a calm temperament. The Camargue…
Horseback riding in the Upper Provence
Haute Provence on horseback: between Luberon, Pays de Giono, and lavender from Haute Provence!
Imagine discovering the great wines of Bordeaux on horseback, ride along some of the most famous vineyards in the world ! Cap Rando offers you two incredible equestrian trips. On our "Bordeaux Wines" horseback trail ride, you will cross the the Cotes de Blaye, Bourg, Fronsac, Lalande Pomerol,…
Horse riding in Oman
Horseback riding in Oman: the land of the horse, where the horse is King, and part of the family. Discover the Oman desert on horseback.
Horse riding in Tuscany
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Horse riding safaris in Africa
Discover exceptionally wild landscapes and the African fauna on horseback doing a safari: a dram for any rider !
Horse riding in Spain
Horseback riding in Spain: a varied offer in different regions of Spain for equestrian holidays: Andalusia, Extremadura, Sierra de Gredos, Catalonia, Costa Brava, Spain Pyrenees ... so many regions where horse riding will make you discover the beauty of Spain landscapes and the Spanish equestrian…
Equestrian holidays & riding lessons in Portugal
STAGES EQUITATION AU PORTUGAL Le Portugal est un pays d'une diversité étonnante, un climat idyllique, des gens accueillants. Le Portugal est bien connu pour sa tradition équestre, ses chevaux lusitaniens de haut niveau d'instruction de dressage portugais. Cap Rando a séléctionné des…
Horse riding in Portugal
Horseback riding in Portugal: We have selected a professional horseback riding provider to discover the wild landscapes of Portugal on horseback in an authentic Portugal, far from the tourist crowds ! A horseback ride in the superb Portuguese island of the Azores. Dressage clinics in Portugal.
Horse riding in Cappadocia
Horseback riding in Cappadocia: horseback riding through the unique landscapes of Cappadocia
Horse riding in Argentina and Chile
On our equestrian stays in Argentina, you can try polo, work with livestock, or simply enjoy this magnificent countryside on horseback.
Horse riding in Andalusia
Horseback riding in Andalusia. The Sierra Nevada is one of the major mountains of Andalusia. Andalusia is a traditionally agricultural region. Andalusia has a rich and strong cultural identity such as flamenco, and certain architectural styles of Moorish influence. The mild climate in Andalusia in…
Horse riding in Egypt
Discover the mild Tuscany alndcapes on horseback with Cap Rando. Exceptional horse riding trips in the most popular horse riding countryside in Italy.
Horse riding in Jordan
Horse riding in Jordan. Jordan is known for the ancient city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and for the Dead Sea: the lowest point on earth at 402 meters below sea level. Our service provider is one of the first to have created horse riding trips in Jordan. Jordan is a romantic…
Horse riding in France
Equestrian holidays in France: France is one of the most popular country for horse riding vacations, due to the variety of its landscapes, its heritage, its quality of life, and its gastronomy !
Horseback trail rides and ranch equestrian holidays in the Usa
Horse riding in Morocco
Horseback riding in Morocco: horseback riding is the best way to discover the variety of the Morocco landscapes: on horseback in the desert, in the Atlas mountains, on the beaches of Morocco. Go on horseback to discover authentic Morocco. Morocco on horseback: the Atlas with its lush vegetation…
Loire castle horse riding trips
The Loire Valley castles on horseback with Cap Rando. We have selected the best providers offering superb horseback riding tours in the Loire Valley which will make you discover the famous châteaux of Cheverny, Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise as well as lesser-known chateaux. 
Week end horse riding
Week end à cheval : échappez vous le temps d'un week end à cheval
Horse riding in Mongolia
Horseback riding in Mongolia,discover the great outdoors, desert sand dunes, high mountains, endless steppe, and deep forests of Mongolia on horse
Horse riding in Sicily
Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and occupies a central and strategic position midway between Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, creating a bottleneck between Italy and Cape Bon in Tunisia. The Sicily coast is golden with orchards of orange and lemon trees. In the north-east…
Horse riding in Tuscany
Discover the mild Tuscany alndcapes on horseback with Cap Rando. Exceptional horse riding trips in the most popular horse riding countryside in Italy.
Horse riding in Romania
Discover the mild Tuscany alndcapes on horseback with Cap Rando. Exceptional horse riding trips in the most popular horse riding countryside in Italy.