Horseback riding in Argentina: Argentina has a strong equestrian tradition; horseback riding has been important in the history and folklore of this country, and continues to be important to the economy. A keen interest in the horse is maintained in the nation's history. The gaucho is one of Argentina's best-known cultural symbols. The first gauchos were "half-breeds" between Spaniards and Native Americans, and today these riders from the pampas are very present in Argentina. It is said that when a gaucho is without his horse, he is without his legs!
Argentina's diversity ranges from the remote and wild regions of southern Patagonia to the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires in the north. To the south are the fertile, hilly Pampas, which are rich in agriculture and sheep and cattle breeding. Further south, you arrive in Patagonia: a region of arid steppes, woods and fertile areas. The pampas of Argentina are perfect for horseback riding and are home to abundant wildlife. Most of the estancias, with their magnificent haciendas and verandas, are active working farms, and gauchos ride with their herds of cattle and polo horses.
The Criollo horse of Argentina is the result of the selective breeding of wild horses from the Pampas, and was bred by the gauchos. This robust horse is today a source of great pride in Argentina. The Criollo is primarily a working horse, but is also used for leisure because it is easy to handle, agile and quite fast. The best polo horses come from thoroughbred Criollo crosses. Polo in Argentina is not only a sport for the rich but is as popular as golf and tennis in Europe. On our equestrian stays and horseback trips in Argentina, you can try polo, work with cattle, or simply enjoy this magnificent countryside while horseback riding. Or discover Patagonia on horseback ...
In Chile: we offer a superb crossing of the Andes on horseback, from Chile to Argentina !


Argentina horse riding


Trips selected by Cap Rando agencies partners
In 2-3 person bedrooms, single bedrooms with supplement
You must be able to walk and trot
Stationary trail rides
7 days - 6 nights - 6 days riding in Argentina



image-20220204225016-1Enjoy an estancia life, and join the gauchos on their daily activities ! Ride as much as you wish: help rounding horses and cattle, pitch in with branding, vaccination and use the lasso as a work tool in the real environment of an Argentinean Gaucho. You stay at one of the historic estancias of the Corrientes region outside of Esquina - a very remote area still largely untouched by civilization. This is rural Argentina, where the Gaucho is a valued and important profession. Ride out with us and become part of the daily activities. Of course the national sport is polo, so you are invited to join us for some "Stick and Ball" on the private polo field - on excellent Polo ponies. Private lessons are also available on request. There are activities and horseback rides for all levels. Non riders will be delighted by the immense bird and wildlife in the countryside. Fishing opportunities are available in the large river system - catch a Dorado and we will cook it for you at night. Dinners are usually in the great dining room or outside with candlelight. Professional Tango dancers are available to teach you the Tango - Argentina Style - with passion and romance.


Trips selected by Cap Rando agencies partners
In 2-3 person bedrooms, single bedrooms with supplement
Level 3 :You must be able to walk, trot, canter and gallop outdoor
Stationary and progressive trail rides
8 days - 7 nights - 7 days riding in Argentina



This horseback progressive ride is an introduction to rural Argentina, with comfortable overnight stays in four different and charming estancias. The crossing of the pampas, immense meadows and marshes, makes this trail ride an ideal experience for riders who like to do a lot of canters over long distances: you cover more than 20 miles per day with steady gaits. You can even get started with polo !

horseback trail ride Argentina


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En chambres et dortoirs
Level 2 : You must be able to walk, trot, canter in an arena or outdoor
Circular Inn to Inn trail ride
8 days - 7 nights - 7 days riding in Argentina

The Patagonia on horseback: The Mitre Peninsula, located in southeast corner of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire), is the true End of the World. You will explore the wilderness of the peninsula, one of the last truly untouched places left on the planet. This tour is for the intrepid traveller, with a desire to uncover the myths and mysteries of this hidden and enchanted land. It is your chance to escape civilisation and uncover the true explorer hidden within. Each day, you will cover great distances on horseback. Prepare yourself to ride deep into the unknown and follow in the footsteeps of the pioneering explorers of Patagonia. The breath taking views at the end of the world will lead you closer to nature than ever before. During our trip, you will enjoy riding along the peninsula's endless beaches, therefore our timetable will be dictated by the Atlantic Oceans tide. We will have the chance to see the most diverse wildlife of Tierra del Fuego, including condors, seals, herds of guanacos and majestic wild horses. There is also a chance of crossing paths with the occasional wandering penguin. There will be countless stories to share, with the waves of the South Atlantic Ocean playing lullabies on the rocks at the end of the earth.



Trips selected by Cap Rando agencies partners
In camps and bedrooms
Level 3 :You must be able to walk, trot, canter and gallop outdoor
In line progressive trail rides
9 or 11 days - 8 or 10 nights - 7 or 9 days riding in Chile & Argentina



The Crossing of the Andes: the greatest adventure on horseback in the Northern Patagonian Andes.
Riding amongst the snow capped volcanoes of the Chilean Andes, discover hidden mountain lakes, and meander your way through the Huerquehue National Park.  For days you will feel like the only people on Earth! Then, crossing at a pass in Icalma, the mountains open into the vast valleys of the Argentinean pampas. The views on the descent from the peaks of the Andes are stunning. Look out through the rugged terrain at the sparkling lakes below, and ahead to the open pampas you will soon be riding through. 
From smoking volcanoes and snow capped mountains, to deep blue mountain lakes, this ride is a once in a lifetime experience.
Get the best of two worlds and two great horse cultures.  The steep mountains, and endless virgin forests on the Chilean side will give you a new appreciation for the low and sturdy Criollo Chilean horses. You will understand why the Criollo horses have become the prized horse of choice for the Chilean people.  You also have the opportunity to observe the unique style of the Argentinean gaucho life, and the open space of the Argentinean pampas where they live and work. Descend along the Argentinean cliffs where we admire the majestic condor and other wildlife unique to the area.  There is no better way to experience all of this than on a horseback trip.