The Patagonia on horseback.

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Level 2 : You must be able to walk, trot, canter in an arena or outdoor

The Patagonia on horseback: The Mitre Peninsula, located in southeast corner of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire), is the true End of the World. You will explore the wilderness of the peninsula, one of the last truly untouched places left on the planet. This tour is for the intrepid traveller, with a desire to uncover the myths and mysteries of this hidden and enchanted land. It is your chance to escape civilisation and uncover the true explorer hidden within. Each day, you will cover great distances on horseback. Prepare yourself to ride deep into the unknown and follow in the footsteeps of the pioneering explorers of Patagonia. The breath taking views at the end of the world will lead you closer to nature than ever before. During our trip, you will enjoy riding along the peninsula's endless beaches, therefore our timetable will be dictated by the Atlantic Oceans tide. We will have the chance to see the most diverse wildlife of Tierra del Fuego, including condors, seals, herds of guanacos and majestic wild horses. There is also a chance of crossing paths with the occasional wandering penguin. There will be countless stories to share, with the waves of the South Atlantic Ocean playing lullabies on the rocks at the end of the earth.

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rando à cheval Patagonie
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Day 1: Arrival. You need to arrive in Ushuaia the day before the start of our riding excursion. You will be picked up from the Ushuaia international airport and transferred to your hotel. In the afternoon / evening, there is an obligatory briefing with the group.
Meals included: none. Overnight at Hotel in Ushuaia.

image-20231022233606-2Day 2: Ride to Puesto La Chaira. The program begins with a 230 kilometers car transfer from Ushuaia to the starting point: Estancia Maria Luisa. This is a typical Patagonian ranch for breeding cattle. On the way, our road passes through some of the most iconic landscapes of Tierra del Fuego (Garibaldi Pass through the Andes and Lake Fagnano panorama). Once we reach the end of the road, we leave the civilized world behind us. We will meet our horses for the first time at the estancia. A horse will be assigned to each guest at this point. We will load our luggage and start our adventure. The first day is desinged to allow you to acclimatize so there are no major difficulties along the way. We will ride through some rolling hills of lush green grass. This will take us up to the first river, which we can only cross during low tide. The river is called the Irigoyen River which is world famous for huge trouts. After a long beach ride, we reach our first overnight destination ‘Puesta La Chaira’, which is part of the old ‘Estancia Policarpo’. This is the last shelter inhabited by gauchos on our route.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Puesto La Chaira.

image-20231022232359-1Day 3: Puesta La Chaira to Puesto Rio Bueno. After breakfast we will undertake our long ride to ‘Puesto Rio Bueno’. Along the way, all traces of civilization slowly disappear and we gradually see the wilder side of Tierra del Fuego. We will see several shipwrecks such as the "Barca" - an old wooden boat, which has been buried by centuries of sand. There are also abandoned shelters, many of which have been built with remains of ships. We will see the local fauna in all its glory here, including curious foxes, guanacos, majestic condors, beavers and various species of birds, and with a little luck we might even see marine mammals. Here, traces of the native Haush Indians can be found. After passing the river Leticia, we will reach our shelter for the night. The trail generally follows the beaches, which we can only traverse during the low tides.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Puesto Rio Bueno.

Day 4: Puesto Rio Bueno to Estancia Policarpo. During this day we will cross two rivers ‘Rio Bueno’ and ‘Rio Policarpo’. Our destination for the day are the remains of the ‘Estancia Policarpo’ (a National Historical Monument). Travelling conditions are similar to the previous day with the addition of several peat lands where our horses will demonstrate their excellent ability to find the safest way through. Once again we will encounter many wild animals, including herds of wild horses, colonies of sea lions and possibly even some solitary penguins. On this day, we will also visit the most famous of all shipwrecks in the Mitre Peninsula, the British clipper ‘Duchess of Albany’.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Estancia Policarpo.

image-20231022233421-1Day 5: Estancia Policarpo to Bahia Thetis. After leaving Caleta Falsa bay, we pass by several beaches. At Laguna Centenario, we can enjoy a unique spectacle: the varied species of birds of Tierra del Fuego in all their glory. This may include cormorants, southern crested caracaras as well as the two emperors of the sky: black browed albatrosses and Andean condors. We might also pass by colonies of sea lions which may even be accompanied by their lovely puppies depending on the season. Afterwards we will drift away from the coastline and will ride further inland through the Fueguino peatland. Weather permitting, we can see the mythical and inaccessible State Island with its San Juan de Salvamento lighthouse, which became famous after publishing Jules Verne’s book “The Lighthouse at the End of the World.” The peat land becomes even more boggy here, which will force us to dismount the horses on several occasions and cross some sections by foot. Finally we arrive at Bahia Thetis. Here, we will pass by an abandoned factory. Close by, exists another interesting historic point, the former Argentina Subprefectura (1889 - 1896), once a military detachment and rescue shelter for survivors of the many shipwrecks that are now sprawled along the shores of the Mitre Peninsula.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Bahia Thetis.

image-20231022232708-2Day 6: Bahia Thetis (no riding). Today, we spend some time around Bahia Thetis, the farthest point of our ride. We can offer a hike to Cape San Diego Lighthouse at the farthest east end of Tierra del Fuego. The walk is mostly through peat land and is approximately seven hours (round trip). We follow the coastline and then cross the channel leading to the inner bay. There is a chance to see guanacos (cousins of lamas) within a stone’s throw. From the lighthouse, we can enjoy an exceptional 360 degree view of the South Atlantic Ocean, Strait of Le Maire, Staten Island and the entrance to the Beagle Channel. We can also explore the old lighthouse and then have lunch with the most breathtaking panoramic view of the surroundings. Here we might even get the chance to see a small sea lion colony. In the afternoon we walk back to our patiently waiting horses, enjoying the iconic Patagonian landscape. Please note that this hike is quite long and can be tiring so good trekking shoes are required.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Bahia Thetis.

image-20231023000242-1Day 7: Bahia Thetis (no riding). On this day we can take time out to enjoy short walks around the area and explore the true magic of this beautiful land. We can observe wildlife and look for traces of the Indians who inhabited this land many years ago. There is a camping site where we can sit back, relax and soak up the mesmerizing surroundings with a glass of wine. This is the perfect day to take time to regenerate before beginning our journey back.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Bahia Thetis.

Day 8: Bahia Thetis to Estancia Policarpo. On our way back, we will follow the same trail between Bahía Thetis and Estancia Policarpo. Once again our Criollo horses will demonstrate their incredible strength and ability to navigate the best way through the peat land. From the cliffs, we can enjoy an extraordinary spectacle of light and color, a beautiful landscape of the sub- Antarctic forest, the Andes and the South Atlantic Ocean.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Estancia Policarpo.

image-20231022232903-3Day 9: Estancia Policarpo to Puesto Rio Bueno. After preparing the horses, we will cross peatland once again, eventually reaching the coastline next to Rio Policarpo (the widest and most challenging river during our expedition). On the other side of Rio Policarpo, lie the longest beaches of our journey (Donata and Policarpo Bay). Here we can enjoy long canters which often creates incredible feelings of freedom from within. With a little luck, it’s possible we will encounter large groups of wild horses in their natural habitat. This is an unforgettable experience. We will take a break near the old “Duchess of Albany” shipwreck, snack and take some more photos. Before stepping onto the beaches once again. As our luggage becomes smaller and lighter, we can enjoy a slightly faster pace (more trots and canters).
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Puesto Rio Bueno.

image-20231023000646-1Day 10: Puesto Rio Bueno to Puesto La Chaira. In the morning we will have some time to walk around the Rio Bueno shelter and listen to stories about the legendary “puesteros” who once inhabited the land and worked with the cattle here. After, we will mount our horses, cross the Leticia River and climb to the top of the grassy cliff on the other side. From this point, we can appreciate panoramic views of the entire region including the route we have taken. On our way to La Chaira, we can enjoy more canters along the magnificent beaches. That evening, we will have a hearty meal with plenty of time to share stories and reflect on our time together.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at La Chaira.

Day 11: Ride back to Estancia Maria Luisa. Our last full day together sees us leave La Chaira, saying a final farewell to the gauchos of the Mitre Peninsula. We leave behind the most remote and wildest region of Tierra del Fuego. Slowly but surely we will cross Río Irigoyen and return to civilization. At Estancia Maria Luisa, we will dismount our horses for the last time. After removing all saddles and luggage, we will say a final goodbye to our beautiful and brave horses. From here we will transport all participants back to their accommodation in Ushuaia.
Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch. Overnight at Hotel in Ushuaia.

Day 12: Departure. After breakfast, transfer to the airport.
Meals included: Breakfast.

* Indicative itinerary, may be changed if necessary.


Day 1 at Ushuaia airport.

Day 12 from Ushuaia airport.

Flights to Argentina are not included in our prices because it is generally more interesting to book your flights yourself, an inclusive package is generally more expensive with agency commissions. However, we are at your disposal to help you find the best rates or to offer you a trip including transport on request: free service.


This horseback riding trip is aimed at intermediate riders. More important than an excellent level, we ask participants to have a good general physical condition because you are climbing for long hours in sometimes demanding conditions. Basic knowledge of horse riding and autonomy on horseback is required. ​​​​​​

Mostly walking and trotting. On the way back, there are some possibilities for galloping. A long, slow trot may be necessary, as we rely on the Atlantic tides to navigate beaches and cross rivers. The relief is varied but is dominated by long flat passages. There are sections of bogs where it is often necessary to dismount and walk on foot. Additionally, there are areas of grassy meadows, dense forests and sometimes you go along cliffs. There are four main rivers that you cross so low. The daily schedule is dictated by the Atlantic tide.

The ride takes place in completely isolated locations, beyond the reach of conventional emergency services. In case of emergency we have satellite communication and guides are equipped with first aid kits. The guides have also been trained in first aid. There is a private helicopter station in Ushuaia and military posts on the peninsula's coastline.

Gaucho guide speaking English, Spanish.

4 to 10 riders.

18 years old.

Argentinian criollo horses known worldwide for their calm, courage and robustness. The horses are raised in Tierra del Fuego and are used for all types of terrain.
Their average height is 1.55 m.

Argentinian saddles (cangalla saddle) with saddlebags. Saddles generally used by Argentine gauchos. These saddles are covered in sheepskins for added comfort and are designed for long distances.



image-20231022194737-1You will be staying in rustic shelter accommodations. Rooms are always shared. Basic bathrooms are available in just 2 shelters and toilets are always shared. If necessary, clients can dry clothing inside the shelters. Please, note that electricity is not available in any of the shelters so bring extra camera batteries and power banks to recharge your phone. Single rooms are only available for overnights in Ushuaia for an extra fee. All other nights are spent in shared bedrooms and dorms.

Accommodation Itinerary - subject to changes based on availability
Night 1: Hotel in Ushuaia
Night 2: Puesto La Chaira
Night 3: Puesto Rio Bueno or Tents
Night 4: Estancia Policarpo
Night 5-7: Bahia Thetis
Night 8: Estancia Policarpo
Night 9: Puesto Rio Bueno or Tents
Night 10: Puesto La Chaira
Night 11: Hotel in Ushuaia

Hotel in Ushuaia:
You are accommodated in a simple but comfortable hotel room with a TV, private bathroom and free Wi-Fi. The rooms will be shared (usually each apartment has two bedrooms and can host up to 6-8 people).

Puesto La Chaira:
You will sleep in a shared bedroom equipped with 5 bunk beds. There is a bucket flush toilet and a wood burning stove (water can be heated for a shower).

Puesto Rio Bueno:
This small shelter has a big bedroom with 6 basic beds. In case we have a big group, some people will have to spend the night in tents.
There is a long drop loo in an outhouse.

Estancia Policarpo:
This former estancia has a bunk room for 6 guests, so tents might be needed if we have a big group. There are no toilets at this refuge.

Bahia Thetis:
The bunk room can accommodate up to 6 people, so tents might be needed if we have a big group. 
There is a bucket shower and a bucket flush toilet.

Most meals are included during this trip. We provide meals from breakfast on Day 2 until lunch on Day 11. Breakfast is also included on your last day. Dinners on Day 1 and 11 (in Ushuaia) are not provided. We provide Argentinian wine for dinner.

Infos tarif


In shared bedrooms: 3800 €

Single bedroom supplement: On request

Booking fee: 15 €

Prices may be revised down or up depending on the $ / € exchange rate.


Horse and tack rental, guide, full board accommodation except 2 dinners in Ushuaia, transfers from/to the Ushuaia airport, the financial guarantee of your payments by our travel operator deposit.


Individual insurance, tips, personal expenses, 2 dinners in Ushuaia drinks, flights, ... and in general, everything that is not indicated in "the price includes ".

INSURANCE (if you don’t already have one):
We offer to Europe Union citizens (only) Chapka insurances:

Cap Security: full insurance with cancellation. Cap Cancellation: cancellation only.
See prices & information

Flights are not included because it is more interesting to book directly your ticket: a transport package included is generally more expensive with agency commissions. However, we are at your disposal to help you find the best prices or to offer you a flight included package on request (free service).


How to book

By booking with Cap Rando, you get the benefit of the French travel agency law, one of the strictest in the world: an unlimited financial guarantee for all your payments !


Check the availability and price (depending on the type of accommodation and after possible discounts) by contacting us through the availability & quote request form or by phone +33 (0)483431321, whatsapp +33(0)609520324, or e-mail:
If you already have received the confirmation of the availability and the price, you can proceed directly to your booking:

Fill out the online registration form:
If you are registering and paying for several riders, you can add riders on the form.
If you have difficulty with the online form or if you prefer:
- Download the Excel file for 1 rider
- Download the Open Office file for 1 rider
- Download the Excel file for 2 riders
- Download the Open Office for 2 riders
To be completed, saved on your computer, and sent by email as an attachment.
Your personal information (birth date, height, weight, riding level & experience, health information, etc.) are contractuals. The facility / guide / instructor may exclude on site and without compensation, any person whose information is different from the information provided on the registration form, and/or who does not correspond to the conditions of participation.

Cap Rando is covered for its professional civil liability: GENERALI contract n ° AL974010.
To register on a Cap Rando holiday, you must be covered by an individual liability insurance covering your activity, individual accident, assistance, repatriation, and possibly cancellation (strongly recommended not to lose your payment in case of cancellation for a reason covered by a cancellation insurance).
We offer to Europe Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway residents (only) to subscribe the "Cap Security" insurance from Chapka Insurance. This covers you for cancellation, interruption of stay, individual accident, assistance 24h / 24h, repatriation, medical expenses abroad, luggage insurance, civil liability. You can also only subscribe a "Cap Cancellation" cancellation insurance if you have insurance covering other risks. 
See all information about our cancellation policy and Chapka insurance offer.
For other country citizens: if you pay by credit card, depending on your card, you may be fully covered: check your contract.
The US citizens can subscribe directly an insurance for instance on:

- For a stay starting at more than 60 days: It is requested at registration: 30% of the price of the stay, the payment of the insurance possibly subscribed, the transport possibly requested, the booking fees. The balance is to be paid 60 days before the start date of the stay.
- For a stay starting at less than 60 days: Full payment is requested upon registration.
- For a stay starting at less than 21 days: Full payment by credit card is requested upon registration.
- If these are the last places available: Payment by credit card is requested upon registration.
You can pay:
- By credit card on our secure payment website: You will be directed to the payment link after completing the online booking form.
- By bank transfer: Our bank information will be sent to you after reception of your booking form.
For a quick processing and to secure your registration, receipt of your confirmation file within 24-48 hours: choose a payment by credit card. In addition: payment by credit card can allow you to benefit from its possible insurance.
Please note: your reservation will only be confirmed after receipt of your payment.
Your payments are guaranted by our GROUPAMA travel agent bond.
If you book a trip through Cap Rando, you have the guarantee not to loose any payment. 
The French law is the strongest and requires all French travel agencies to have an unlimited financial guarantee for their customers in case of financial failure.

You will receive a confirmation file and contract with the invoice and all useful information within 24-48 hours after reception of your registration form and payment.

Before booking your transport: we advise you to wait for the receipt of the confirmation file and check that your transports feet with the meeting/separation times of the offered transfers. We recommend booking refundable transports.

Please note: Any stay may be canceled if there are insufficient bookings to ensure the stay up to 20 days before the date of a stay of more than 6 days, 7 days for a stay of 2 to 5 days. In this case, you may be offered a replacement stay or a departure with a supplement, if these proposals do not suit you: a full refund (unless you have accepted a possible supplement upon registration), excluding booking fees and possible non-refundable transport, is guaranteed without compensation.
See the cencellation policy: cancelation conditions.

You can consult the sale conditions: see the conditions.


Useful information















Average High Temperature (°F)













Average Low Temperature (°F)













Average High Temperature (°C)













Average Low Temperature (°C)













Average Precipitation (days of rain)













Source: NOAA

As part of the subtropical area of Mesopotamia, the province of Corrientes has heavy rains and high temperatures with little daily and seasonal variation especially in the North. Moreover, the province does not have a dry season, which means that rainfall can be expected at any time of the year. On average, the warmest month is January and the coolest month is July. The maximum average precipitation usually occurs in April.

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