Horseback riding in the south of France : Our activities LE MAS DE RECAUTE

Our activities LE MAS DE RECAUTE


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Horseback riding in Mongolia. Mongolia is a wilderness, exceptional and varied: the foresties areas , deserts , steppes and lakes populated by over 15 different ethnic groups. Discover Mongolia on hor [...]

Ride in other countries

Forget everything you think you know about mountain horseback riding.  The Shepherds and Meadows trail is very special. Discover one of the loveliest Catalonia and Spain area.  This is the heart of Ca [...]

Ride in Provence

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Two days across the Camargue to discover the Camargue Nature Park on horseback.
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Ride in France

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A route between the seas, along the peaks trails, between Genoese towers and the Italian Islands,  Steep trails reavealing it secrets with every stride. For the welfare of horses and riders, accomodat [...]
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