horse riding holiday gift

Offer a riding course, an equestrian vacation, or a horseback riding trip !

Offer to one who loves horses and riding: a gift voucher for the stay of your choice, a gift check of the value of your choice to be used on any program, open a gift account that can be used by several participants, to be used on any program

1. Choose:
- Offer a gift voucher for a horseback ride or an equestrian stay of your choice which will be valid until December 2024, extendable with a possible supplement in the event of a  price increase.
- Offer a gift check of the amount of your choice, to be used on any program of the beneficiary's choice, with no validity limit.
- Open a gift account which can be supplemented by several people, also with no validity limit, to be used on any program of the beneficiary's choice.

2. Payment:
- For a gift voucher, choose the stay you wish to offer, adding the registration fees (15€ / person) if you wish to offer them.
- For a gift check, choose the amount of the check.
- To open a gift account, choose the first amount you wish to contribute.
You can pay:
- By credit card on our secure payment site: payment link
- By bank transfer: Ask us for our bank information.
For rapid processing, choose a payment by credit card.
Payment guaranteed by our unlimited travel operator guarantee.
Gift vouchers, vouchers and gift accounts are non-refundable but may change of beneficiary(ies).

3. You will receive upon receipt of payment within 24 hours maximum, even on weekends, to the email address you have provided: the gift voucher, the gift check, the link to the gift account.

4. After receiving the gift voucher, the recipient will only have to contact us to choose a date for the chosen stay. After receiving the gift check or the gift account, the beneficiary will only have to contact us to choose a program and the date.