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Exploring Mongolia on horseback is undoubtedly the best way to discover its vastness and the diversity of its landscapes, ranging from the steppes to the mountains, passing through forests and rivers. Horseback riding in Mongolia provides a feeling of intense freedom by sharing the daily life of the nomadic Mongolian people. In addition to the intoxicating sensation of being lost in the immensity of this country, you will appreciate its spectacular landscapes, from the Orkhon valley to the blue waters of the 8 lake Park. You can experience a total escape during a horseback trip in Mongolia.

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Gallop on horseback in Mongolia: an intense 8-day horseback riding tour in Mongolia. Less than 2 hours from Ulaanbaatar, you will find willing and enduring horses waiting for you for an intense horseback ride in the steppes. Horse trip in Mongolia guided by authentic nomads, you will discover the heart of Mongolia on horseback ...


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Horseback riding in Mongolia in the Orkhon Valley, a World Heritage site considered to be the cradle of nomadic life in Mongolia. This horseback riding trip in Mongolia includes 3 days with yaks carrying luggage in Naiman Nuur Park, one day with a nomadic family, visit to Hogno Han (Mini-Gobi), Karakorum and Ulaanbaatar.



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Riding ans stayng in comfortable yurts in Mongolia. You can love the great wilderness but also sleep in a cozy bed: this is why we offer this "comfort" horseback trail ride. This magnificent ride will allow you to appreciate the best of Mongolia with the visit of classified sites as World Heritage of Humanity by the Unesco, in the best conditions thanks to accommodation in yurts each evening.


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Go horseback riding in Mongolia on Mongolian horses. The Mongolian horse is a small saddle horse, which, as the name suggests, is the indigenous horse of Mongolia. It is a very ancient breed that is the origin of many other breeds in the world, a symbol of the preservation and protection of the diverse and unique fauna of Mongolia.