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Circular Inn to Inn trail ride
In 2-3 person bedrooms, single bedrooms with supplement
Level 3 :You must be able to walk, trot, canter and gallop outdoor

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Horseback riding in the Alps in Haute Savoie: Long before welcoming skiers from all over the world in its resorts, the Tarentaise valley and its alpine passes were used by men and their various goods from the Neolithic, and perhaps by Hannibal during his passage from the Alps in 218 BC. J.-C., with its elephants.
Strategic for the Roman Empire which, from the conquest of Gaul, built a road to link Mediolanum (Milan) to Vindobonna (Vienna), the backbone of the illustrious house of Savoy, which from dukes in 1416 became princes of Piedmont, kings of Sicily (1713) and Sardinia (1720) and will give its first king to Italy, the Tarentaise Valley is today the setting of the Vanoise National Park, and many peaks over 3000 m.
You ride in the footsteps of the Celts who, from the Neolithic era, exploited the precious minerals of the mountains, of the illustrious Romans, of the builders and artists of the counter reform who tell their faith in the Baroque chapels... At the foot of Mont Blanc, you will meet the initiators of modern mountaineering. But the main thing is elsewhere: On horseback, you discover that you are part of the vibrant life of the mountains, and observe how here the rocks, ice, forests, plants, eagles, bearded vultures, ibex, marmots ... form the whole of an intense and overwhelming nature of vitality.

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rando à cheval Savoie
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Day 1: Arrival at Geneva airport or Landry train station, and transfer to the hotel in Peisey Nancroix. Welcome drink, dinner and night at the hotel.

rando cheval SavoieDay 2: La Chenarie - Rossaix pastures.
You start your ride at the Chenarie to the Carroz Blanc forest path, from where you have a sublime view of the Bellecote massif, then on paths in the open landscape of the Rossaix mountain pastures. Discovery of the marvelous little cows of the Tarine breed. Visit of a Beaufort mountain pasture. Lunch on site. In the afternoon, return by the Carroz Blanc forest path. Dinner and night at the hotel in Peisey Nancroix.
About 2h riding the morning, 2h riding the afternoon.

Day 3: La Chenarie - Les Vernettes - Nancroix - Landry.
The Baroque Savoye art is at the heart of the reconquest of souls during the counter-reformation. A true social project, the church reflects life in the mountains; it honors the saints invoked against the illness of men and livestock, victims of accidents, avalanches, climatic hazards. The visit to these sites becomes a fascinating story, whether for the believer or the layman. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the faith of the inhabitants and the talent of the locals, Piedmontese or French, artists populated the valleys with masterpieces. Departure from the Chénarie walk, to the baroque chapel of Vernettes. Visit the Chapel, then descent into the valley to Nancroix. Breakfast in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, we resume the ride along the Ponthurin to the village of Moulin then Peisey Nancroix, which we cross on horseback, then descent into the Tarentaise valley to the baroque church of Landry, located at the foot of the Roman road. Guided tour of the Landry church. Then a short ride to the horse meadow and night in Landry.
Dinner and night at the Hôtel de la Vanoise
Around 2 hours on horseback in the morning, 3 hours on horseback in the afternoon.

à cheval en Haute SavoieDay 4: Landry - Seez.
Departure for the day in the Tarentaise Valley, along the Isère. As we are in a flat valley, we have the opportunity to do beautiful trots and gallops. From the valley, we observe local life and villages. Arrival at the horse meadow. Breakfast in a local restaurant. Transfer to Sainte Foy Tarentaise, a pretty village further up the valley, with a tradition of passages leading to Italy, and the neighboring Haute Maurienne valley. Guided tour of the charming hamlets of Le Miroir and La Mazure, where the architecture tells the story of the tradition of the past. Shopping at a charming local boutique.
Aperitif, dinner and night at the famous Hotel Le Monal
About 4 hours of riding in the morning, no riding in the afternoon.

rando à cheval AlpesDay 5: St Germain - Col du Petit Saint Bernard.
The frequentation of the Alpine passes by men and their various goods dates back to a very ancient period (3000 to 2500 BC). In the Bronze Age, there were already important trade flows. Some invaders of Italy crossed the Alps before the Gallo-Roman period, the Gauls of Bellovese around 309 BC, the Carthaginians with Hannibal in 218 BC, Hasdrubal around 207, the Cimbri in 101 BC The start of construction of the road that passes through the Petit Saint Bernard pass -(In Alpe Graia)- probably dates back to the period of Julius Caesar around 45 BC its completion is around the year 2 or 3 AD It was the main road linking Milan to Vienne, in the Rhône valley. Around the year 18 A.D. the Greek geographer Strabo indicates that it was passable to chariots on most of its route. Leaving from Seez, you find the Roman road at Saint Germain, which you follow to the pass. It is well marked at the level of the border near the "Cromlech" and the Column Joux (Columna Jovis). Lunch and visit to the Petit Saint Bernard hospice museum. In the afternoon: Visit of the Petit Saint Bernard pass museum and discovery of the Roman ruins. Transfer by minibus to the thermal baths of Pré Saint Didier from where you have a sublime view of the Mont Blanc range. Then, transfer to the Hotel Dolonne ***, a charming 16th century hotel in Courmayeur.
About 4h riding the morning.

image-20230419135954-1Day 6: Excursion by minibus in Valle d'Aosta AM - Visit of Aosta (Italy).
The new colony of Augusta Praetoria Salassorum (Aosta) was founded in 25 BC. AD, at the very location of the headquarters (praetorium) of the former fortified camp, at the crossroads between the road to Grand-Saint-Bernard (Mons Jovis or Mont Joux), and that of Petit-Saint-Bernard (Columna Jovis or "Column of Joux", or Alpis Graia). At the end of the Roman Empire, the strategic position. The Val d'Aosta is the object of many desires. Successively conquered by many peoples: Burgundians, Ostrogoths, then occupied by the Lombards. In 575 peace between the Merovingian king of Burgundy and Orleans, and the Lombards was proclaimed. The Aosta Valley is incorporated into the kingdom of the Franks, who reserve control of the Alpine passes. The border between the Burgundian kingdom and Lombardy is fixed at Pont-Saint-Martin. This change of orientation towards Lyon and Vienne fixes the toponymy, where we often meet Martin from Tours, as well as Denis from Paris (Saint-Denis) and Remi from Reims (Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses). The feudal nobility has long had a preponderant weight in political and social history and built many forts and castles, from their military function, are political, economic and cultural centers. The first viscount known to date, Boson I in 1100. One of his successors, EbalIer de Challant, renounced this title in 1295 in favor of the House of Savoy. We visit the Arc de Triomphe, the Praetorian Gate and the many Roman ruins of Aosta, as well as its medieval buildings, then taste the local cuisine in the Al Dente restaurant. In the afternoon, you visit the medieval and Renaissance castle of Fénis and discover its magnificent frescoes. Dinner and overnight at the Dolonne hotel in Courmayeur.

Day 7: Free breakfast and departure, visit and free shopping in Courmayeur. Possible transfer to Geneva airport.

Optional extension:
Choice for day 7: Easy hike with a mountain guide (about 4 hours on foot). Free or accompanied electric bike in Val Ferret and Val Venis (about 4 hours). Shopping in Courmayeur, climb to Pointe Helbronner 3466 m. Dinner and night at the Dolonne hotel in Courmayeur.
Day 8: Free breakfast and departure, visit and free shopping in Courmayeur. Possible transfer to Geneva airport.

* Indicative itinerary that can be modified if necessary.


Day 1 at the end of the afternoon. Directly to your hotel in Peisey Nancroix, or paid transfer from Geneva airport or Cluses train station.

Day 7 (or day 8 if extension) after breakfast. Paid transfer to Geneva airport or Cluses train station.


RIDING LEVEL: image-20230419124133-1
Be comfortable practicing the three gaits (walk, trot, canter). This "Alpine" horseback ride is accessible to experienced riders in good physical condition: plan to walk in the difficult trails.

A qualified local English speaking guide who knows the Alps perfectly.

From 4 to 10 riders with the guide.

Making you happy on horseback above all, and in complete safety, is what motivated the choice of horses. Your riding companion is an experienced, sure-footed horse of Henson origin. It is chosen with great care according to your equestrian level, and also your height and weight. Sweet and generous, he is the dream companion of your emotions and discoveries.

English and trail ride saddles.


HEBERGEMENT: image-20230419130659-1
In Hotel *** or ****, and in bed and breakfast: accommodation is always located in the heart of the mountain. Facing the Bellecote chain, Mont Pourri, or Mont Blanc... you will enjoy an unforgettable view from your room which combines charm and comfort. You benefit from the magic of the old stones, the Savoyard tradition, the authenticity of the welcome of the owners.
The double ensiuite bedrooms happily combine comfort and refinement. A heated pool or hot tub often provides post-hike relaxation and enjoyment.

Breakfasts and dinners taken in the hotels. Lunch: in typical inns. Local gastronomy, friendly dinner... Everything is done so that you fully experience the mountains.




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3030 € in double bedrooms

Single bedroom supplement *: 625 €
1 day / 1 night extension: contact us
Booking fee: 15 €
* If you book in shared rooms and we do not have a rider registered to share, the “single bedroom” supplement will be charged and refunded if a person registers wishing to share as well.

Rental of the equipped horse, guide, full board accommodation, drinks during meals (table water and two glasses of wine), visits, scheduled transfers during the ride, financial guarantee of your payments by our travel operator deposit.

Individual insurance, drinks out of meals and not included during meals, personal expenses, tips, transfers from train stations and Geneva airport, everything that is not indicated in "the price includes".

A civil liability and travel insurance (assistance/repatriation) is compulsory. A cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.
A payment by credit card can make you benefit from its possible insurance (check your contract).
We offer to Europe Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway residents: the Chapka insurances.
Cap Security: full insurance with cancellation. Cap Cancellation: cancellation only.
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