The Vercors: a vast limestone plateau has long been inaccessible. Only a few mule trails allowed to penetrate into the mountain. The Maquis du Vercors was a rural Free French resistance ("maquis") group who resisted the 1940-1944 German occupation of France in World War II. The Maquis du Vercors used the prominent scenic plateau known as the massif du Vercors (Vercors Plateau) as a refuge. Many members of the maquis, called "maquisards" died fighting in 1944 in the Vercors Plateau. Climatic crossroads between the Alps and Provence, the variety of landscapes, fauna and flora protected by the Vercors natural park, makes this region a paradise for riders.

Cap Rando Selection : Trips organized by Cap Rando partners
Circular Inn to Inn trail ride
In dormitories or bedrooms
Level 3 :You must be able to walk, trot, canter and gallop outdoor
  • Wild landscapes
  • Spectacular views

According to the specialized press, this trail ride would be a must for all the riders who practice equestrian tourism. First of all, after a first day of setting out, crossing of the mythical natural reserve of the high plateaus, dominated by the Grand Veymont, which culminates at more than 2300 m. Then the sequence of all the southern plateaus of the regional park, the plateaus of Beurre, Vassieux en Vercors, Font d'Urle then Ambel. These names evoke the wide open spaces, the herds of transhumants and horses in freedom. Wonderful views, canters in the mountain pastures, richness of an exceptional flora and fauna, mouflons, chamois and marmots, but also edelweiss, gentians, narcissus or daffodils according to the season. Don't forget your cameras !

Image programme
Rando à cheval Vercors
Programme intro


Day 1 - Sunday evening: welcome from 6 pm to 7 pm directly at the accommodation, located near the equestrian center. A welcome is also possible at 4:30 pm at the Valence TGV train station. Presentation of the ride and advices for the week.

image-20220730181511-1Day 2 - Monday: La Chapelle en Vercors - Tourtres. Assignment of the equipment, and first contact with our horses. Departure from the equestrian center, heading south, by the track of the big roads. The path of Combe Libouse, a chain of small hilly meadows, will allow you to join the Souillet pass, where you will appreciate your first picnic. Then, all the afternoon you will follow the layout of the Vernaison valley, to join the hamlet of Tourtres. Arrival around 5 pm. About 5 hours riding.

Day 3 - Tuesday: Tourtres - Pre-Grandu. The long forest path winding through the forest of fayards will allow you to join, at the end of the morning, the natural reserve of the High Plateaus, 17000 hectares of nature and space. Picnic on the edge of the forest near the flocks of sheep. In the afternoon, walk on small paths in the largest forest of hooked pines. Arrival at the forest house of Pre-Grandu. About 6 hours riding.

image-20220730181814-3Day 4 - Wednesday: Pre-Grandu - Col du Rousset. A whole day ride in the reserve, passage to the pas des Chatons at the foot of the Grand Veymont, exceptional views of the entire Alps chain, from the Obiou massif to the Mont Blanc massif, with the Mont Aiguille (one of the seven wonders of the Dauphiné) as a foreground. Then you will approach the famous Queyrie plain, bordered by the Roman quarries. Picnic at Pre-Peyret.The afternoon will be devoted to the crossing of theBeuure  Plateau to arrive at the end of the afternoon at your stop of the day, at the Rousset pass: little ski resort in winter, and tourist resort in summer. Arrival around 6 pm. About 6 hours riding.

image-20220730181612-2Day 5 - Thursday: Col du Rousset - Font d'Urle. Short passage in the morning on the southern side of the plateau to take a cut in the rock path,  to reach the Chironne pass, which allows a 360° view on the South Vercors: another place where you will make unforgettable photos. Arrival on the Vassieux pass, passage to the Plainet fontaine to allow your horses to drink, and picnic then in the forest. The route of the Grande Traversée du Vercors (GTV) will lead you to the Font d'Urle plateau and to our stage of the day. Arrival around 6 pm. About 6 hours riding.

Day 6 - Friday: Font d'Urle - Lente. Small climb at the beginning to the "Pas de l'Infernet" at 1700 meters, to discover the immense Ambel plateau, on which you will spend most of the day. Picnic at the Ambel farm, refuge image-20220730181930-4located in the middle of pastures with numerous herds that you will avoid carefully. The forest trail will bring you to your stage of the day: the forest village of Lente and the Vercors lodge. Arrival around 6 pm. About 6 hours riding.

Day 7 - Saturday: Lente - La Chapelle en Vercors. Long morning ride in the Lente forest, crossing the plain of Loscence, and descent to the equestrian center and your last accommodation. Care of the horses, storage of the equipment, meal at the relay. End of the ride and departure at 2 pm. The bus that serves Valence TGV will arrive at the station at 3 pm. Bus station on the Alps side.

* Indicative itinerary that may be subject to modifications if necessary without compensation: weather conditions ...


Day 1 (Sunday): Meeting from 6 pm to 7 pm directly at the accommodation & equestian center near La Chapelle en Vercors. Optional transfer from Valence TGV train station (see below).

Day 7 (Saturday) after lunch at 2 pm. Optional transfer to Valence TGV train station see below).

In June, September and October:
Meeting on Sunday at Valence TGV Sud Rhône Alpes at 5.30 p.m.
Return to the Valence TGV Sud Rhône Alpes station on Saturday at 3 p.m. at . Transfer provided by the facility's minibus. (Rate 15€ per trip or 30€ return)
In July and August:
Information soon available.


RIDING LEVEL: image 117
You must be able to walk, trot, canter and galop outdoor and in good physical condition. Many passages on foot, horse in hand, on the difficult passages..

Up to 12 riders.

Average of 5-6 hours riding every day un less the last half day. Mustly walk, trot & canter when the terrain permis.

1 qualified guide and 1 assistant transporting luggage & meals by car.

Our cavalry is made up of medium-sized horses of around 1m60 very accustomed to the practice of trail riding in mountains.

Each horse is equipped with a trail saddle, some with saddlebags for transporting the midday picnic, emergency equipment or for the first aid kit. It is possible to attach a raincoat to the saddle with a strap.


ACCOMMODATION: randonnee a cheval vercors
image-20220805124427-1In different mountain refuges. The accommodation is simple and rustic (dormitories). It is possible to take a shower unless one night.

- Sunday evening at the equestrian center guesthouse in dormitories, meals at the host table.
- Monday evening we are accommodated at the Tourtres refuge in several dormitories, with beds, sanitary facilities (showers and toilets)
- Tuesday evening the riders are accommodated in the Pre Grandu forest house, located in the heart of the nature reserve. Very regulated and protected access. Sanitary facilities possibility but no shower.
- Wednesday evening, accommodation is at the Col du Rousset ski resort, small dormitories with sanitary facilities (showers and toilets).
- Thursday evening the riders are accommodated at the resort of Font d'Urle, small mountain chalet(s), double rooms.
- Friday evening we are accommodated at the Vercors guesthouse in Lente in dormitories, with beds, sheets and blankets, sanitary facilities (showers and toilets).

The sleeping bag is therefore necessary, as well as a headlamp. For better comfort, we advise you to bring a small foam mattress. For riders (and riders) who are chilly, we advise you to pack a small fleece blanket in your luggage for cold nights.

Please note: telephone network coverage is very uncertain on this route, it is impossible to make calls (and receive calls) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On the other hand, there is no network coverage problem in La Chapelle en Vercors, regardless of the operator. In case of emergency contact with a trainee, you must contact us directly on the center's telephone (or messaging).


All meals are prepared from a central kitchen in La Chapelle en Vercors, the midday picnic is transported in saddlebags, evening meals and breakfast are transported every evening by the assistant van.
Breakfast is traditional with coffee, tea, fruit juice, bread, jam and cereals. The midday picnic is made up of a variety of salads, cold meats, cheese and fruit. The evening meal includes usually a starter, a hot dish with vegetables and/or pasta, rice or cereals, cheese and dessert.
We are able to manage special diets, do not hesitate to let us know on the registration form and confirm it to us on your arrival. Any request for a special diet must be justified by a medical document.

Provided by the assistant.


Infos tarif

895 € / person
Booking fees: 15 €

Horse and tack rental, guide, assistant, accommodation, all meals, luggage transfers, our travel agent bond to guarantee your payments.

Individual insurance, drinks out of meals, visits, tips, transfers from/to Valence TGV train station, all that is not indicated in "PRICES INCLUDE".

A civil liability and travel insurance (assistance/repatriation) are compulsory. A cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.
A payment by credit card can make you benefit from its possible insurance (check your contract).
We offer to Europe Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway residents: the Chapka insurances.
Cap Security: full insurance with cancellation. Cap Cancellation: cancellation only.
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Fill out the online registration form:
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Your personal information (birth date, height, weight, riding level & experience, health information, etc.) are contractuals. The facility / guide / instructor may exclude on site and without compensation, any person whose information is different from the information provided on the registration form, and/or who does not correspond to the conditions of participation.

Cap Rando is covered for its professional civil liability: GENERALI contract n ° AL974010.
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Please note: Any stay may be canceled if there are insufficient bookings to ensure the stay up to 20 days before the date of a stay of more than 6 days, 7 days for a stay of 2 to 5 days. In this case, you may be offered a replacement stay or a departure with a supplement, if these proposals do not suit you: a full refund (unless you have accepted a possible supplement upon registration), excluding booking fees and possible non-refundable transport, is guaranteed without compensation.
See the cencellation policy: cancelation conditions.

You can consult the sale conditions: see the conditions.


Juliette, Anna, Louise, Justine (France) - August 2023

Dear Didier,
Thank you again for this ride, we loved it and it was an extraordinary experience for my children, my sister and myself.
We loved this family experience, a sublime equestrian but also human adventure.
And we were able to live a week with our own horse while learning the basics of a trail ride.
To do with friends or family, sensations guaranteed !
Next time with you and we will step up the accommodation now that we have tested:
Cap Rando services: Excellent 👌! Responsiveness and valuable advice at all stages.
It feels good and it is increasingly rare.

Zoe (France) - July 2023

The guide was called Flora. Very professional and knowledgeable of her background and the environment.
My horse: Stella. the top !
Very comfortable saddle for a 6 day ride.
Particularly good meals, even the varied picnics.
Housing sometimes rustic but that was the goal! Still functional.
Wonderful experience !

Aurélie (France) - Septembre 2022

rando à cheval VercorsGreat welcome, very nice team !
Super horses, very accustomed and beautiful to see. No leanness or anything. Horses fed morning and evening very appreciable ! My mare was called Djinn. Super comfortable saddle adapted to the horse.
Cap Rando Services: Very responsive and accommodating, thank you!

Aurélie (France) - Septembre 2022

rando à cheval VercorsSuper accueil, équipe très gentille !
Super cavalerie, très habitué et belle à voir. Pas de maigreur ou autre. Chevaux nourris matin et soir très appréciable ! Ma jument s’appelait Djinn. Sellerie hyper confortable et adaptée au cheval.
Services Cap Rando: Très réactifs et arrangeants, merci !

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