The Dominican Republic is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, and has a breathtaking topography. Three great mountain ranges cross the island and Lake Enriquillo, the lowest point in the Caribbean, includes one of the many lakes, lagoons and rivers that accompany the thousands of miles of unspoiled beaches. A tropical climate is enjoyed all year round in the Dominican Republic. The coolest season is between November and April and the hottest season is between May and October. The annual average temperature is around 25 ° C.

horse riding holiday in the CaribbeanChristopher Columbus in 1493 brought fruits, crops, cattle and horses, which were used for agriculture and gold mining. Their descendants today are the Paso Fino which is the oldest native breed in the Western Hemisphere frequently used for ranching throughout South America. The Spanish Criollo breed is also commonly found in the Dominican Republic.

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Discover the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, otherwise: the beaches, yes, everyone knows them, but also its mountains and especially its inhabitants. This stationary horseback…
8 days - 7 nights / Optional 4 days - 4 nights extension
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