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Stationary trail rides
In 2-3 person bedrooms, single bedrooms with supplement
You must be able to walk and trot
  • Stay at a family ranch

  • Many activities

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Set in the heart of the Tonto National Forest along the Mogollon Rim, this lodge is part of a working 55,000 acre cattle ranch that offers something for every visitor and level of rider. It is also rich in old west history and culture – located near the site of one of the gunfights of the infamous Pleasant Valley War. The war is one the most famous of the range feuds in the American West, the subject of a number of nonfiction books, as well as the source of a number novels (including one by Zane Grey) and movie plots.

The lodge is a study in rustic elegance, providing all the modern comforts, while staying true to its working cattle ranch history. Guests will enjoy the accommodations at the lodge – the spacious great hall with its fireplace and leather couches, the supremely comfortable bedrooms, the deck overlooking the lake and the patio with its fire pit. The lodge is the perfect place to relax when not out on the trail on well-trained, responsive horses, or taking advantage of the many activities around the ranch, including the roping arena, rifle range, archery course, sporting clay course, four-wheeling, fishing, hiking and more.

The family-owned lodge opened to the public in 2008 and now offers a variety of riding opportunities that accommodate every level of experience including 'cowboy skill' classes, trail rides, half-day, day-long and camping excursions to explore Indian ruins, remote line cabins, or to the sites of gun fights in the Pleasant Valley War. Experienced riders can also go out with the ranch hands to experience the cowboy life, monitoring livestock & range conditions, riding fence lines, rounding up, driving and working the livestock.

The trails wind through diverse and breathtaking terrain: Ponderosa pine forests, running streams, riparian valleys and canyons, stands of aspen, juniper, oak and chaparral, and open grass lands. Beginners will enjoy wide, slow-curving trails that wind around the hills and through the gullies around the lodge. These trails are relatively flat, mostly graded and very easy to follow. More experienced riders will want to take advantage of the more challenging trails and cross country excursions. Trails climb across ridges, gullies, valleys, mesas, hills and peaks. Some of the paths are fairly narrow, full of switchbacks and traverse steep rocky slopes, but provide some of the most spectacular views of Pleasant Valley and the wildlife hidden deep in the woods.

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From horseback riding and UTV excursions to hiking, fishing, archery, shooting and so much more, there is no end to the memorable experiences to be found at the Ranch. Buried deep within the Tonto National Forest, guests are able to experience the full natural beauty of the Arizona highlands on the 40,000+ acre property.
A stay at our Ranch is an authentic American Cowboy Ranch experience !
Visit, interact, pet and feed our friendly horses, goats and chickens. Help collect fresh eggs daily from our chickens. Pick vegetables from our garden. Enjoy the tire swing, swim, or go bird watching on Lake Sharon, our private 3 acre lake. Walk and meditate in our Labyrinth. Enjoy stargazing most every night from anywhere on the ranch. Children love to catch and release our HUGE Bull frogs and toads, they love to catch crayfish and help turn them into a delicious meal. Nature walks on the seamlessly never ending grounds refresh the soul. 
The ranch is also a great place to bring your own mountain bikes, ATV’s, Razor’s, Rangers, dirt bikes and all your riding toys.
Of course, some people will like to simply relax, enjoying the scenery from the wrap around deck, or the fire-pit on the patio.
Activities that require to work with cattle (cattle drive, round-up and sorting) are not always available, depending on the time of the year you visit the ranch. Please, inquire for more information about these activities.
Our package offers 1 activity per day. This includes horse riding, UTV tours, shooting, and/ or fishing. Extra activities can be booked for an additional fee.

Step into your jeans and cowboy boots and hop into the saddle on one of our beautiful horses to take in the Arizona wilderness like never before. Experts and beginners alike will find everything they need to enjoy and take advantage of the lodge’s beautiful horses and professional equipment, miles of trails, and arena.

A typical class is 1-2 hours long and will involve feeding and grooming the horses, proper saddling and riding techniques. When riders are comfortable, the ranch hands will have the guests ride in our pens or arena and begin taking them out on the smoother trails around the lodge.

The wide variety of trails will keep guests entertained for days exploring the beautiful country around the lodge. Some trails are gentle and wide enough for wheeled vehicles. Others are steep, winding paths that cut through the hills on their climb to the top. Riders will need to have a moderate level of experience before tackling the steeper trails.
On our longer trails, lunch is packed to allow us to explore even further into the wilderness. We also offer an overnight trail (extra fee) where you ride through spectacular scenery and geological formations to a camp where you enjoy a campfire dinner and tent accommodations.
Shorter trails are 2-3 hours long, while extended trails are 5-8 hours.

Cattle Drive/ Round Up: - experienced riders only
Be a real cowboy for half a day or full day. Driving the cattle says it all. This is fun yet hard work. Work side by side with our experienced ranch hands. Riding, sorting and moving cattle from one pasture or place to another. 

Cowboy for a Day: - experienced riders only -
The working the cattle often includes roundups, branding, sorting, weaning, vaccinating, castrating, moving to new pastures. For advanced riders, this is the ultimate experience. Be prepared for the possibility of long days and less guidance than other activities. Riders will be instructed on the activities and guided on how to participate. Then they can either sit back and watch the action or jump right on in and help. Playing an active role in working the livestock in particular will expose the rider to a variety of terrains, some of which may be relatively rugged, wooded and/or rocky, and may require riding at a fast canter or gallop. Once the cattle have been rounded up, riders will sometimes have the opportunity to also take part in the cattle drive, and ultimately branding and other activities. It’s an experience not soon forgotten. This activity usually lasts from 5 to 8 hours.

Cowboy Clinics:
Learn Cowboy skills from one of our experienced ranch hands – choose one or more subjects for a 1 to 2 hour class, including: western riding techniques, horse care and grooming, use and maintenance of western tack, and roping

Cowboy Skills Package: (requires min. 3 days)
Learn a variety of cowboy skills from one of our experienced ranch hands – caring for horses, saddles and tack, saddling a horse, shoeing, roping, branding, Western riding, barrel & pole workouts in the arena, cattle management & care.

Team Penning / Sorting: (extra fee)
Test your riding skills and “cow sense” in our arena. In penning teams of two, riders separate particular cows from a herd and move them into a penning area. Time is of the essence here. Penning and Sorting offer participants the opportunity to incorporate all of their working cow horse skills in a fast-paced, fun, team-oriented competition that embraces the roots of the western lifestyle.


Take advantage of the beautiful three-acre Lake Sharon – stocked with bass, and Georgia giant perch and crappie – only a stone’s throw from the Ranch. As to the monster fish we’ve been catching – pictures speak more loudly than words. Catch and release.

UTV Tours:
Sit back and enjoy UTV rides over the ridges hills and mountains to see spectacular scenery, geological formations and, on occasion, wildlife. Or, see ancient Native American sites and sites of the infamous Pleasant Valley War.

Enjoy the spectacular scenery and geological formations hiking the numerous trails around the Ranch.

Archery/ Shooting: (extra fee)
Archery, rifle, pistol, and sporting clay shotgun ranges are available to our guests. Beginners can learn the proper way to shoot a bow or fire a gun and experts can brush up on their aim before a hunt. All guests are required to take a brief course on gun safety before entering the shooting arena.


Directly at the ranch in the afternoon if you rent a car.
At Billings Airport: chargeable transfer.
The ranch is about 50 miles from the airport.

The last day after breakfast. Chargeable transfer to Billings Airport.

Transfer from/to Billings (between 1:00pm and 3:00pm - drop off by 10:30am): 150 $ per person each way to be paid locally.

Flights are not included in our prices because it is generally more interesting to book your flights yourself, an inclusive flight package is generally more expensive with agency commissions. However, we are at your disposal to help you find the best rates or to offer you a trip including transport on request: free service.


All riding levels

sejour equitation en ranch usaHORSES: 
Mainly Quarter Horse. Some horses are local breed or mules. Horses chosen according to the level assessment at the beginning of the stay.


Slow with some trots and canters according to riding level. Working cattle may require fast canter and occasional gallop. Trail rides are in mountainous trails.

From 8 yrars old. Maximum 110kg.

Local guide / cowboy.

2 to 12 riders.


ACCOMMODATION: image-20220227195710-1

Depending on the level of comfort chosen, different accommodations are available for your stay:

- Wrangler Package Rooms:

image 2216


60 Caliber Room - Lodge Room

With two luxurious queen beds, a shared bathroom with tub/shower combination and French doors leading to the patio with outdoor furniture, it is a perfect place to relax and unwind. The room shares a bathroom with the Queen Anne Room.


image 2217


Queen Anne Room - Lodge Room

Dream of the next day’s activities on a luxurious queen bed in our Queen Anne room. With French doors leading to a comfortable and shaded patio with outdoor furniture, direct access to campfire patio and outside dining area and a spacious closet, it is an ideal retreat. It shares a bathroom with the 60 Caliber Room.

image 2214


Rustlers Roost - Bunk House Accommodations

Located in the bunkhouse apart from the main lodge, this room features a king size bed, private bathroom, an exterior entrance. This room is perfect for mom and dad, with access to the kid’s bunkhouse commons.

image 2215


Wranglers Rack - Bunk House Accommodations

This room comes complete with your choice of two comfortable queen beds, or, upon request, up to three bunk-bed sets, as well as private bath and porch.

- Cow Boss Package Rooms:

image 2212


Ambush Hill Loft - Lodge Room

The loft provides a direct view from a private balcony on to the infamous Ambush Hill. It features a comfortable king bed, a private bath, and a private balcony. A separate anteroom off the main bedroom contains two additional twin beds.

image 2213

Lake View Retreat - Lodge Room

This room offers a relaxing escape with two luxurious queen beds, an en suite bathroom with tub/shower combination,  a spacious closet, and private exterior entrance with patio furniture leading straight to the Lake Sharon.

- Owner’s Hideaway Package Rooms:


Deluxe Hideaway - Lodge Suite

This luxurious room is the most spacious at the lodge and is outfitted with everything that will truly make you feel like the owners. The room features a king size bed, French double doors out to a private redwood deck, stone fireplace, plasma screen TV, and a private bathroom. After a long day riding the trails, sit down and relax in the large soaking tub or oversized shower.

- Buckaroo Package Rooms:


Bunkhouse Commons - Bunk House Accommodations

The bunkhouse commons is the perfect room with kids ! Apart from the main lodge, this room comes complete with a full bed and twin bunk-bed set, as well as an additional two twin bunk-bed sets with trundles. This suite also offers a private bath a kitchenette, and a private porch., with one bathroom to share. These quarters are not of the same luxury standard as the lodge rooms, but still very clean and comfortable.



All meals are included, from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on the last day. Country breakfasts are hearty and family-style lunches and evening meals are served in the lodge, unless you are going for the day (pic-nic taken away at noon in this case).
During the weekly barbecue you can enjoy a beef steak of 450g per person grilled to perfection with its accompaniments.

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In shared bedroom depening on the bedroom comfort:
"Buckaroo" type bedroom (minimum 4 riders booking together):1650 €
"Wrangler" type bedroom: 2190 € - Single bedroom supplement: 200 €
"Cow Boss" type bedroom: 2375 € - Single bedroom supplement: 390 €
"Owner Hideway" type bedroom: 2950 € - Single bedroom supplement: 570 €
Single bedroom supplement: on request.
Transfers from/to Phoenix airport: 500 $ /person to be paid locally.
Half day cattle work option: 140 $ per group to be paid locally.
Gratuities: ±10% extra to be paid locally.
Booking fee: €15
Price may be revised downwards or upwards according to variations in the $/€ exchange rate.



Horse & tack rental, supervision, daily activities, full board accommodation, taxes, the financial guarantee of your payments by our travel operator deposit.



Individual insurance, alcoholic beverages, transports to and from the ranch, 10% gratuities, activities not included in the program including option 1/2 day of cattle work, all that is not indicated in "the price includes".


INSURANCE (if you don’t already have one):
We offer to European citizens (only) Chapka insurances:
Cap Security: full insurance with cancellation. Cap Cancellation: cancellation only.
See prices & information


Flights are not included because it is more interesting to book your ticket yourself, an inclusive transport package sometimes costs more with agency commissions. However, we are at your disposal to help you find the best rates (free service) or to offer you a transport trip included on request.

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This stay is offered all year round. Arrival and departure days at your choice.
Prefer between April and October because there is a risk of snow and bad weather between November and March.

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Average High Temperature (°F)344051596976888676624636
Average Low Temperature (°F)131724324048535142332314
Average High Temperature (°C)15101521263130241682
Average Low Temperature (°C)-11-8-4059121161-5-10
Average Precipitation (days of rain)223576334332

Source: NOAA

During the summer the weather is generally clear, but seldom hot so be sure bring along some warm clothes. Summer is short but very enjoyable. It usually lasts from early June to mid September. Because of the altitude, really hot weather is rare. Evenings are cool enough that you may need a jacket. Summer snowfalls are rare, but during every summer there may be several days when nighttime temperatures approach the freezing point (32 degrees F / 0 degrees C). Thunderstorms are usually brief, and they are seldom violent. A typical summer thunderstorm lasts no more than about 15 minutes, just long enough to soak the ground.