A stationary equestrian trail ride in Romania.

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In 2-3 person bedrooms, single bedrooms with supplement
Level 3 :You must be able to walk, trot, canter and gallop outdoor
  • Romania culture & tradition

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Horseback riding in Romania in the Carpathian Mountains: a vast area of virgin nature in Central and Eastern Europe. Wolves, bears and lynx from western Russia roam these impressive mountains. At the foot of the Carpathians is the village of Sinca Noua, "New Shinca", a small picturesque village of about 2,000 inhabitants. Time has stood still here: shepherds take their herds up the mountains as they have done for centuries and in the evening cows and buffaloes are brought back from the pastures to the village. Hoopoes, bee-eaters, black storks or eagles are numerous and the region has an incredible floral richness of all colors. The century-old forests are wild, with a rich and varied fauna (bears, wolves, lynx, bison, beavers, deer, etc.).

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Indicative itinerary *

Day 1 - Saturday: Arrival in Bucharest in the afternoon, transfer by minibus from Bucharest to the equestrian center, night at the guesthouse, presentation of the week program and dinner.

image-20221208120619-1Day 2 - Sunday: After breakfast, you visit the horse farm and the horses are introduced to you. You leave for a first 3-hour trail ride through beautiful meadows, old pastures, and beautiful beech forests. You get used to your horse, the equipment and the terrain. The hills offer a fantastic view of the region and the meadows invite you to the first trots and short canters. On the way back, after a short lunch, you climb a forest road to the famous virgin forest of the Stramba Valley (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). You ride for 2 hours in the forests of century-old giant beech and fir trees (among them the largest known tree in Romania) and discover the ecosystem of the mixed forests of the Carpathians.

Day 3 - Monday: Through the hills and into the mountains. Today you go for a full day of riding along the meadows and through the forests, at the foot of the mountains. You discover a breathtaking view, and enjoy many possibilities of galloping on the meadows. You are dazzled by the variety of wild flowers, and you may discover traces of bears or wild boars. You break for lunch on beautiful meadows with spectacular views, and return in the afternoon to the stable.

image-20221208142237-1Day 4 - Tuesday: History of Transylvania. Today you let the horses rest and discover the true history of Transylvania. You leave the equestrian center by car for about two hours through peaceful villages to the north, to the medieval town of Sighisoara: one of the cultural centers of the Transylvanian Saxons. Then you continue to the village of Viscri, with its famous fortified church (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) from the time of the Turkish invasion. A dirt track brings you the last 10 kilometers to Viscri: a German colony, founded 900 years ago. In 1990 most of the villagers left for Germany, but a small number of people stayed to continue their traditional life. Prince Charles, who has visited the village several times, is a great admirer of the village. A traditional Saxon meal is served with side dishes of garden produce, house wine, and plum brandy: Then you visit the fortified church, stroll through the village, and return to your accommodation. Your guide is passionate about the history of Transylvania, and once you've spent the day there: you will be too!

image-20221208141936-1Days 5 and 6 - Wednesday and Thursday: 50 km round trip through the forests of Transylvania, territory of large carnivores. You cross forests and cross beautiful mountain meadows, with the possibility of long canters. You arrive in the afternoon in a region where life has changed little since the Middle Ages. The small mountain farms are still exploited with oxen or horses, running water or electricity are rare there. A camp is set up in one of these farms with a fantastic view. You enjoy a rustic dinner cooked over the campfire and spend a long evening around the fire telling stories. If you don't feel like camping in a tent, transfer possible after dinner (20 minutes walk is necessary) to go to the guest house for the night and return the next morning. The next morning, you pack and set off on forest trails and tracks through the wild forests of Transylvania. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the Carpathian Mountains, and wolf or bear tracks are commonly found along the trails. In the afternoon, you arrive at the guest house.

rando équestre RoumanieDay 7 - Friday: Walk through time and visit Dracula's castle On your last ride of the week, you ride in a loop for about 3 hours around Sinca Noua, through wild forests, beautiful meadows, enjoying gallops and superb landscapes. You're back for a late lunch, to continue in the afternoon to nearby Bran Castle, commonly known as Dracula's Castle. You learn that history is much more exciting than legend... In the evening after dinner, you have the choice of watching video presentations on our hosts' conservation initiatives or spending the evening in the willow pavilion in front the open fireplace, or have a drink at the bar. One evening you have the opportunity to visit a cache in the forest not far from the equestrian center, where the chance of seeing wild brown bears is very high.

Day 8 - Saturday: After breakfast, transfer to Bucharest.

* Indicative itinerary subject to modifications if necessary.


Saturday afternoon at the equestrian center. Free transfer from Bucharest Otopeni airport at 4:30 p.m. 3h drive to the equestrian center.

Saturday after breakfast. At 9 am: departure of the free transfer to Bucharest airport.

Approximately 3 hours drive: 200 € / car / transfer.

Flights to Romania are not included because it is more interesting to book your ticket, an inclusive transport package is generally more expensive with agency commissions. However, we are at your disposal to help you find the best rates or offer you a trip including transport on request.


You must be comfortable at all paces (walk - trot - canter - gallop) outdoors.

5 days with around 6-7 hours of riding every day at a steady pace, with a 1 hour lunch break. 1 half-day of about 3 hours on horseback.

2 to 6 riders.

One or two English speaking guides depending on the group size.
1 assistant transporting luggage.

rando a cheval en Roumanieimage-20221209195642-1HORSES
Arabs, Shagya-Arabs, Kisberi (Hungarian saddle horse), Gidran (Anglo-Arab from Hungary). Their size varies from the small and slender Arabian horse, to the larger thoroughbred. The majority are of medium size. They all have good stamina and are used to hilly and partly rough terrain. They are all volunteers and happy to work. Horses live in herds.

Comfortable endurance saddles with wide plastic stirrups. The saddles are suitable for long hours riding at fast paces. 


randonnée à cheval en Roumanieimage-20221209185939-1ACCOMMODATION: rando cheval Croatie
In guest rooms for 2-3 people on the equestrian center. One night in a camp with the possibility of returning to the equestrian center if you do not wish to sleep under a tent.

In the evening, meals are taken at the accommodation: local and varied cuisine, often organic. One evening: barbecue around the campfire. At noon, picnics are carried on horseback in saddle bags. Breakfast with bread, cheese, ham, jam, fruit and fruit juice. Drinks are included during meals.


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Single bedroom supplement: 105 €
Application fee: €15.

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Individual insurance, extra drinks, any supplement for departures with less than 7 riders, tips, personal expenses, visits not described in the program and the bear exploration: 30€ to pay locally, flights, application fees, everything is not indicated in "the price includes".

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Flights to Romania are not included because it is more interesting to book your ticket, a transport package included sometimes costs more with agency commissions. However, we are at your disposal to help you find the best rates (free service) or to offer you a transport trip included on request.

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