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Circular Inn to Inn trail ride
Choice: bedrooms or dormitories
Level 2 : You must be able to walk, trot, canter in an arena or outdoor
Tour of the Luberon nature park and crossing of the Provence Colorado !

Possible discount on the last availabilities in August !
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The Luberon hills, one of the most exquisite place in Provence, a Regional Nature Park. With its forest of green and white oaks, its cliffs of limestone, and its typical drystone villages, the Luberon displays an authentic and picturesque landscapes and villages well described in the famous A Year in Provence Peter Mayle’s novel. Over the hills and through the villages, come to discover the mysterious “Provence Colorado”, fill up your senses with the fragrance of lavender and unique “Provence herbs”, be enchanted by the savour of Provencal cuisine.

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Day 1: From Lauris to Buoux. Meeting in Lauris at 12 pm (noon). Free transfer on Monday morning from Marseille airport (10:30 am), Aix en Provence tgv station (11 am), Aix en Provence center train station (11:15 am) to Lauris.  You will have an introduction to the trail ride and lunch. In the afternoon, you will be introduced to your horse and will start the trip through the Luberon rolling hills, towards the beautifull perched village of Bonnieux. The houses, all made with stones, form a strikinghorseback riding trip in provence harmony of earth-toned colours and shapes. Some superb residences dating back to the 16th, 17th, and 18th century serve as a reminder that Bonnieux was a wealthy village when this region, the Comtat Venaissin, belonged to the Popes. Several bishops also chose to live here and as you ride through the village streets you will no doubt marvel at the architecture and history on display. Take a glimpse on Lacoste, the village of the sadly known Marquis de Sade. Beware and follow your guide very closely so you do not get lost anywhere near his castle. After the picturesque village of Bonnieux, the trail goes down in the Valley of the Aiguebrun river down high cliffs famous for climbers. Overnight in a nice Auberge along the river. Depending on the date, exceptionally, you may be transfered to Lauris for the night.

Day 2: From Buoux to Rustrel. Undulating hills covered with nice pine forests, cherry orchards and vineyards drive you to the Calavon valley. You will meet your assistant at lunch who will have prepared a nice buffet under pine trees, made with fresh local products. In the afternoon you will go by the hills among Rosmary and Thyme sents, before heading to Rustrel, riding in the bed of the Doa river, a cool and beautiful itinerary. You will spend the night at a hotel in Rustrel and the horses will stay near the village.

horseback trail ride in provenceDay 3: From Rustrel to Cereste. Rustrel is the gateway to the “Provence Colorado”. In the morning you will spend some time among the amazing cliffs and hills of ocher. The colorful morning will totally disorient you. Heading back to the foothills of the Luberon, the itinerary will then take you through the beautiful village of Viens. You will then ride down to the Calavon river. You will spend the night in a guesthouse or in a hotel in Cereste.

Day 4: From Cereste to Buoux. After preparing your horse, you will follow the foot of the Luberon, ride along vineyards, and all kind of froot trees: cherry, apricot, peaches all blooming in April and May. You will arrive at the Auberge des Seguins where you will able to enjoy the pool befor the dinner. Depending on the date, exceptionally, you may be transfered to Lauris for the night.

Day 5: From Buoux to Lauris. You will ride up to the crests of the Luberon tohorse riding in provence discover an exceptional landscape on all the Provence and a view on the Alps to the North, on the Mediterranean to the South. Then, you will ride down to Lourmarin. Picnic and visit the village and its 12th century castle, a charming Provencal village that inspired the famous English writer, Peter Mayle, who is now living near the village. You will then ride back to Lauris through the olive trees and cherry orchards, with nice views on the Sainte Victoire mountain, “Cezanne’s mountain”. Dinner and overnight.

Day 6: End after breakfast , transfer to Aix-en-Provence train stations or Marseille airport (departure at 9:30 am).


Same itinerary, but leaving day 5 afternoon after the ride.

* Indicative itinerary, may be changed if necessary. On certain dates, the ride can be done in reverse.


Monday at noon in Lauris. Free tansfer from Marseille airport (10:30 am), Aix en Provence TGV station (11 am), Aix en Provence center train station (11:15 am).

Friday afternoon at ±5 pm. Free transfer to La Roque d'Antheron. Bus from La Roque d'Antheron (see schedule) to Aix en Provence center. Bus shuttle (see schedule) from Aix center to Aix en Provence TGV station or Marseille airport. Bus shuttle from Aix center to Marseille center train station (see schedule). 
Saturday morning after breakfast. Departure at 9:30 am of the free transfer to Aix en Provence center train station (±10 am), Aix en Provence TGV station (±10:30 am), Marseille airport (±11 am).


RIDING LEVEL:  niveau équestre
To participate and enjoy this trip, you must be comfortable at the three gaits (walk, trot, canter) outdoors on balanced horses.

First afternoon, 3 hour ride, other days, average 5 hours per day on horseback: 2-3 hours the morning, 2-3 heures the afternoon, with a break of around 2 hours at noon.

1 qualified guide speaking French and English + 1 professional assistant ensuring luggage transports and preparing lunch buffets.

provence horseback ridingHORSES:
Essentially crosses of Spanish, Arab, French breed. Horses are allocated according  to each rider weight, height, riding level and experience. All our horses are trail riding “professionals”. Living throughout the year in a herd, trail riding is their only work activity. For these reasons, they are well-balanced gentle, yet wilfully engaged.

TACK:rando cheval Provence et Camargue
Comfortable trail ride saddles equipped with saddle bags. Trail ride saddles are especially designed for long rides as well as for the gaits employed on this type of terrain. The saddles are comfortable for both the horse and the rider.


You can choose to book this ride all nights in 2-3 person bedrooms, or mixed in 2-3 person bedrooms and in dormitories. Dormitories are mixt up to 6 person rooms, 2 nights in a 20 person room.

Indicative accommodations (may change depending on availabilities):  

 Les SeguinsLes Seguins (night 1)

RustreouLe Rustreou or gite rustrelLe Chateau (night 2)

Aiguebelle rando cheval LuberonL'Aiguebelle (night 3)

Les SeguinsLes Seguins (night 4)

 image 1743 Le Mas de Recaute (night 5) image 1225 Les Gargoulettes (night 5 upgrade bedroom option)

image 1226MEALS:luberon horseback ride
Dinners at the host tables in guesthouses, or local restaurants. Local cuisine, varied and refined. Special diets can be adapted. Wine is included with meals.
At noon, an assistant prepares hearty buffets (see pictures). For small groups, some picnics can be taken in the saddle bags.


Provided by the assistant in a minibus.

Infos tarif

In 2-3 person bedroom (1 night) and dormitories (3 nights): 1200 
Single bedroom supplement (1 night): 50 €
In 2-3 person bedroom (4 nights): 1250 € 
Single supplement (4 nights): 200 €*
* If you book in shared bedrooms and if there is no other rider to share, the single supplement will be applied.
Arrival transfer from Aix center, Aix tgv, Marseille airport: free at set times. 
Departure transfer to Aix center, Aix tgv, Marseille airport: not included.
Booking fees: 15 € / person
In 2-3 person bedroom (1 night) and dormitories (4 nights): 1250 €
Single bedroom supplement (1 night): 50 €
In 2-3 person bedroom (5 nights): 1300 €
Single bedroom supplement (5 nights): 250 € *
Upgrade bedroom last night option: 50 €
* If you book in shared bedrooms and if there is no other rider to share, the single supplement will be applied.
Arrival transfer from Aix center, Aix tgv, Marseille airport: free at set times. 
Departure transfer to Aix center, Aix tgv, Marseille airport: free at set times. 
Booking fees: 15 € / person.

The equipped horse, the guide, the assistant ensuring the preparation of the lunch buffets (some picnics may be taken in the saddlebags for small groups) and the transport of luggage, accommodation, meals, free arrival transfer from Marseille airport, Aix-en-Provence TGV station, Aix-en-Provence center SNCF station at fixed times, free departure transfer only for the 5-night package to Marseille airport, Aix-en-Provence TGV station, Aix-en-Provence SNCF station center at fixed times, the financial guarantee of your payments by our travel operator deposit.

Individual insurance, drinks out of meals, any visits, departure transfer (for the 4 night package) to Marseille airport, Aix-en-Provence TGV station, Aix-en-Provence SNCF station in-Provence center, all that is not indicated in "the price includes".

Dates From Infos Contact
- 1200€ FULL + Infos
- 1200€ FULL + Infos
- 1200€ END 03/09 FOR 4 NIGHTS + Infos
- 1200€ END 22/10 FOR 4 NIGHTS + Infos
- 1200€ END 29/10 FOR 4 NIGHTS + Infos
- 1200€ END 05/08 FOR 4 NIGHTS + Infos
- 1200€ END 12/08 FOR 4 NIGHTS + Infos
- 1200€ END 19/08 FOR 4 NIGHTS + Infos
- 1200€ END 26/08 FOR 4 NIGHTS + Infos
- 1200€ END 02/09 FOR 4 NIGHTS + Infos
How to book

Check the availability and price (depending on the type of accommodation and after possible discounts) by contacting us through the availability & quote request form or by phone +33 (0)483431321, whatsapp +33(0)609520324, or e-mail: [email protected]

Fill out the online registration form:

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To register on a Cap Rando holiday, you must be covered by an individual liability insurance covering your activity, individual accident, assistance, repatriation, and possibly cancellation (strongly recommended not to lose your payment in case of unforeseen your cancellation insurance contract). We offer West European citizens to subscribe the "Cap Protection Insurance" from Chapka Insurance: see information and prices. This covers you for cancellation, interruption of stay, individual accident, assistance 24h / 24h, medical expenses abroad, luggage insurance, civil liability. You can also only take a cancellation insurance if you have insurance covering other risks. If you pay by credit card, depending on your card, you may be fully covered: check your contract.
For non West European citizens, you can subscribe directly an insurance for instance on:

A 30% deposit is required upon booking, the balance being due 60 days before the stay date. Less than 60 days before your departure date, full payment is requested at registration.
You can pay:
- By credit card on our secure payment website: Click here to access the server
- By bank transfer: Bank information

Your payments are guaranted by our GROUPAMA travel agent bond.
If you book a trip through Cap Rando, you have the guarantee not to loose any payment. 
The French law is the strongest and requires all French travel agencies to have an unlimited financial guarantee for their customers in case of financial failure.

You will receive a confirmation file and contract with the invoice and all practical information within 24 hours after reception of your registration form and payment.

See general conditions and special covid conditions: cancellation conditions.
Please note: Any stay may be canceled in the event of insufficient bokkings to ensure the stay up to 21 days before the starting date. In this case, a replacement stay may be offered to you, if it does not suit you: full refund is guaranteed without compensation. We advise you to book refundable flights / trains.

Chris (USA)

I had a wonderful time, Titeuf was a sweet horse, the ride was lovely, the group was fun, the dinners were delicious, and Didier the guide was so helpful and interesting. I hope to come back next year if my hip holds out.

Meredith (New Zealand)

"Amazing trip! Great horses and scenery." The horses were great - well suited to their riders and forward yet responsive. They work hard and are very fit, but never gave the impression they were jaded or bored. Some of the tack was a little tired and we were short of saddle bags, but little niggles only in a fabulous trip. A lot of the ride was slow due to the terrain, but that was specified in the trip description so I was happy with this

Simon (UK)

"5 days of wonderful trail riding" Lovely mix of horses (and riders) in the group - all well matched by our guide Didier Mejard. Mixture of conventional tack and trail riding/western - everyone learned some new skills of knot tying or girth lacing ! We were all amazed at just how fit and tough the horses were - it was very hot throughout - over 40C on one day - 6hrs plus in the saddle over 25km or so with a mix of paces - my lovely mare Carmen hardly breaking into a sweat !!! Got re-routed on one day because of the exceptional fire risk in the Grand Luberon - but Didier figured out a good alternative which meant trucking the horses back to Cap Rando one night and starting from there the next day - meant we got to ride down/in the Durance river - cool at last !

Anny (UK)

We were a nice group, from several countries. We became well known and had a nice time together. The horses were trained and safe. The guide was knowledgeable and clever. The food in the woods (lunch) was fresh and tasted delicious. The accommodation and food there were also very good.

Josephine (Belgium)

"It was really exciting." The horses are very good and social. They fit for good for experienced and less experienced riders. At the beginning of your travel, they will give you a horse which you choose and which one you described.

Christine (UK)

We loved this ride. This is probably one of the most beautiful and scenic rides in Europe. The horses were well looked after and the tack fitted so that they were all comfortable. This is a knowledgeable place and the guide was excellent. There are so many great photo opportunities from horse back here that its hard to choose. We were a group of very experienced riders and whilst it is not a particularly fast ride, which we could cope with it didn't need to be as there was so much to see. Horses were great. Food is also excellent on this trip as is the accommodation. There is a choice of accommodation either hostel or more B&B auberge type. I would definitely pay the extra for the B&B type accommodation at Lauris because the beds are more comfortable but out on the trail all the beds were great. The back up vehicle is brilliant has everything you need both for you and your horse. I would do this trip again because it is amazing. Whilst I have had to tick a date we went here 3 years ago.

Patricia (USA)

Beautiful villages and meals (but didn't see all the villages mentioned in the itinerary). Very nice people in the group. My horse was wonderful. Very careful and never stumbles; I felt very safe even being close to steep cliffs

Colleen (USA)

All riders were experienced, friendly and considerate. Our guide was very knowledgeable and tried his best to please everyone. The scenery was varied and beautiful, and lunches on the trail were great. Loved riding into the villages ! Horses were well looked after. The trails were sometimes very rocky and steep, but the horses handled them well. I think the hours in the saddle some days were longer than represented in itinerary, but we all enjoyed it and had a good rest at lunch.

Colleen - USA

Tous les cavaliers étaient expérimentés, amicaux et agréables. Notre guide était très bien informé et fait de son mieux pour plaire à tout le monde. Les paysages étaientt variés et magnifiques, et les déjeuners sur la piste étaient super. J'ai adoré monter dans les villages! Les chevaux étaient bien soignés. Les sentiers étaient parfois très rocheux et escarpés, mais le
les chevaux évoluaient très bien. Je pense que les heures en selle certains jours étaient plus longues que présentées dans l'itinéraire, mais nous l'avons tous apprécié et nous nous sommes bien reposés au déjeuner.