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In 2-3 person bedrooms, single bedrooms with supplement
Level 2 : You must be able to walk, trot, canter in an arena or outdoor

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Our new Conquistadores Wilderness Eco-Safari adventure is a progressive trek that will immerse you in the Tropical Forest whilst experiencing an authentic rural Costa Rican way of life and witnessing an outstanding natural diversity and wildlife.  This riding adventure unfolds in the backwaters and surrounding areas of Carara National Park - a true gem harbouring  a wide range of natural habitats and high levels of biodiversity, like no other in Central America.  This ride has been designed for those Equestrians and nature enthusiasts seeking opportunities to encounter tropical wildlife and specially birds.  Amongst the most commonly seen wildlife are birds such as macaws, parrots, parakeets, toucans and mammals such as monkeys, coatis, agoutis, sloths, peccaries, tayras and possibly the elusive jaguarondi.  We comb miles of pristine tropical land and a network of dirt trails in an area which represents the meeting point of Meso-American and South-American flora and fauna, combining a wide range of life zones including Transitional Pre-montane and Lowland Forests.  During this equestrian adventure you will come close to exploring the local Costa Rican rural life following mountain trails, visiting remote villages and discovering pristine natural settings.

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randonnée à cheval au Costa Rica
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Day 1: Arrival at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) in San José. Upon arrival you will be met by one of our representatives and transferred to your hotel near the airport. Meals included: none. Overnight at Hotel in San Jose.

Day 2: Presentation & Build-up ride. Morning short drive to Eco-Safari Ranch & Stables, located along the Trinidad river in the Dry Central Pacific Region, the starting point of your riding adventure. Following the horse assignment and our presentation, you will take a short ride in our property to ensure you feel comfortable with your horse and you get used to the local riding style and commands. As our horses are trucked to the starting point of the ride, we will visit the local town for any last minute purchases before we start to head for more off-the-beaten path trails. We will reunite with our horses at Lagunas, in the Turrubares Mountains lowlands, where our Tropical adventure begins, riding on trails adjacent to Carara National Park to Galan (approx. 12 Km on horseback). Riding: ~3-4 hours. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at local guesthouse in Carara National Park.

Day 3: Explore Carara National Park. Today, we will explore the neighbouring rainforest adjacent to Carara National Park, which in indigenous Huetar language means "River of lizards". Carara is considered a "must" destination amongst wildlife enthusiasts and professional birdwatchers. Created as a biological reserve in 1978 and considered nowadays to be a biological island because of the dense agriculture and livestock operations around it since the Pre-Columbus era. The 4,700 ha. Carara Biological Reserve occupies a unique position at the transition zone between tropical moist forest and tropical wet forest in the Pacific lowlands. Though most of the vegetation in the reserve remains evergreen and is characteristic of the wet forest life zone, there are a number of species that lose their leaves during the dry season, showing their affinity to the drier climate found north of the reserve. Riding: ~4-5 hours. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at local Guesthouse in Carara National Park.

Day 4: Carara National Park - Sur de Turrubares - Monte Galán. After enjoying a hearty breakfast, we will continue following the South Eastern trail adjacent to Carara National Park towards the remote village of Sur de Turrubares - a charming rural community tucked in a hidden valley surrounded by an amazing tropical forest and beautiful mountains. Here, you can really unplug from the rest of the world. During school time, we may visit the local school and bring some school supplies (guests are welcome to bring any school materials). After a visit to the local bar (if opened), we will start to ride up towards our next destination: Finca Galán. En route, there will be a few rivers to cross as we continue to gain altitude. As we head towards the Turrubares mountains, the views become more and more astounding and the breeze cooler. We will be reaching 640 meters of elevation at the end of the day. Tucked away on a hill foot lays Finca Galán, where we will spend the next three nights. During clear days, it is possible to see the ocean surf hit the coastline from there. Riding: ~4-5 hours. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Finca Galán

Day 5: Ride on the Pontenciana Mountains or Lanas & Aguas Calientes. Today, we have the option to ride toward the Potenciana Mountains. The ride will be filled with spectacular mountains and distant Pacific Ocean views at the end of the rolling mountains and valleys. As we ride towards the Potenciana Mountains, we will reach higher altitudes which will reveal spectacular views at every turn. We will ride through farmlands and along a mountain trail through pre-montane and oak forest. The Turrubares and Potentiana mountains are the only high coastal mountain range of Central America. As we continue our ascent, we will be able to notice the changes in the forest constitution and its characteristics as the lower temperatures allow for more ferns, moss, and bromeliads. This is a day to enjoy unparalleled views of the valleys and Pacific coast line. If it is rainy and cloudy, we may do a countryside ride instead, visiting Lanas Community, which sits amongst the Lanas and Tulín river basins. This area is mainly dedicated to cattle raising and the little town is made up by houses dotted along a rural road with a catholic temple, football field, a primary and secondary school.Riding: ~3-4 hours. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Finca Galán

Day 6: Non-riding Day (Day at Leisure or to join optional activities). Today will be a rest day for our horses and will also be a great opportunity to experience the real and rural Costa Rica! You may choose to take a guided nature walk through the rainforest, help with farm work activities, or just relax on the hammock! You can part take in our farm work and learn about the seasonal crops produced, the cultivating techniques, and challenges local farmers need to endure to grow, harvest, and sell their produce.  Amongst the crops produced in this area are corn, sweet potato, cacao, beans, yucca, and sugar canes. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Finca Galán.

Day 7: Ride from Galan through Delicias & San Gabriel to Mata de Platano . After a hearty breakfast, we will start to descend the Turrubares mountains and head towards the Pacific coast lowlands. Following a dirt road, we reach the cattle-raising lands in the villages of Delicias and San Gabriel. We continue on mountain farm trails to finally reach the Turrubaritos river, which we cross on a few occasions, and ride along it as it meanders its ways down towards the coastline and into the Pacific Ocean. We spend the night on the river's edge, in the village of Mata de Platano. Bring some swimming clothes to enjoy a dip in the river's swim holes and cool off ! Riding: ~4-5 hours. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Overnight at Palenque Mata de Platano

Day 8: Ride from Mata de Platano – through Fila Negra to Playa Hermosa on the Pacific Coast. Our final ride will take us across the Turrubaritos river, which joins with the Tulín river before finally forking into the Pacific Ocean. We will ride up through Fila Negra mountain ridge with incredible views of the coastline and then down on the lowlands ending at Playa Hermosa on the Central Pacific Coast, which is about 3 miles (5km) south of Jaco and is one of the best surf destinations in the country for its consistent wave break throughout the year. After riding along the beach, we bid farewell our equine friends and enjoy some time by the beach under the shade of the wild almond trees. We will meet our vehicle to head back to San Jose or alternatively continue to Manuel Antonio for your beach extension (at extra cost). Our equine friends will be trucked to our ranch. Riding: ~4-5 hours. Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch. Overnight at Hotel in San Jose.

Day 9: Departure. Morning at your leisure and transfer to the Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) in time for your flight back home. Meals included:  Breakfast.

* This is a sample ride dossier, planned several months in advance. The ride can be operated in different order other than as described above. Arrangements (routes or facilities) are subject to variation by the outfitter depending on local conditions. All riding times contained in our itineraries are based upon riding at a slow/moderate pace throughout.


Day 1 at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) at the time of your choice. free transfer to your hotel in San José. Free dinner (not included).

Day 9 in the morning, free transfer to Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO).

Flights to Costa Rica are not included in our prices, because it is generally more interesting to book your flights yourself, an inclusive flight package is generally more expensive with agency commissions. However, we are at your disposal to help you find the best rates or to offer you a transport trip included on request: free service.


RIDING LEVEL: image 1751
To participate and enjoy this ride, you must be comfortable with the three paces (walk, trot, canter)..

English speaking local guide.

2 to 6 riders + the guide.

12 years old, accompanied by parents. Maximum 240 lbs, 100 kg.

randonnée cheval Costa RicaHORSES: 
Costa Rican Criollo, Paso, and mixed breeds (Spanish, Andalusian & American Quarter). They range from 14 to 16 hands.

Modified McClellan, some Western.


ACCOMMODATION: randonnee cheval argentine
Two nights spent in a hotel in San Jose, 2 nights in a local guesthouse, 3 nights in a farmhouse guesthouse with shared bathroom, and 1 night at the local pub. Due to the nature of the journey, accommodation may be limited to local guesthouses and private bathrooms may not always be available.

Depending on availabilities:

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Park Inn Hotel in San Jose - Nights 1 & 8
This hotel located within walking distance of San Jose’s city center offers 117 comfortable rooms with amenities including air conditioning, Wifi and TV. The private bathrooms all include free toiletries. An outdoor swimming pool, a hot tub and fitness center are available for guests’ use.

image 1755

Rio Carara Lodge - Nights 2 & 3
Located in a natural corridor amidst Carara National Park, the Castro-Fernández Nature Reserve and the Turruburares Mountains.  There are no immediate neighbours or electricity, which adds to the feeling of seclusion and tranquility. Food is cooked typical style in a wood stove. Most of the ingredients used are locally sourced and grown on the property. Accommodation is at the rustic family home surrounded by spacious corridors with hammocks and offers 10 hectares with great nature trails, waterfalls, and natural pools.

image 1756

Finca Galán - Nights 4,5 & 6
Finca Galán is an ecological farm, which has started offering lodging to selected travelers who enjoy authentic life-changing experiences. Accommodation is in a 3-bedroom/ 2-bathroom bungalow house perched on a mountain slope at the basin of Cerro Galán on the Turrubares Mountains. There is one bedroom with two bunk beds, one with twin single beds, and one with a double bed. Water is brought to the house by gravity directly from a private natural spring source. Cooking is done by gas stove and evening are candlelit. The area is so peaceful and quiet that the only sounds in the morning will be the dozens of singing birds that eagerly await for the first rays of lights at dusk and go to be at night with candles and at the sounds of the tropical forest.

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Palenque Mata de Platano - Night 7Palenque Mata de Platano is located in Mata de Platano in the Turrubares county. This Costa Rican Pub is located by the Turrubaritos river and serves as rest stop for locals wanting a meal, a beer, or a stay. Palenque Mata de Platano offers 4 rooms with ceiling fan, private facilities, and have 2 or 3 beds. The rooms are located right above the bar and restaurant facilities, which will provide a good opportunity to mingle with the locals.

randonnée cheval Costa RicaMost meals are included in this trip from breakfast on Day 2 to lunch on Day 8, as well as breakfast on Day 9. Meals on the first day and dinner on Day 8 are not included. Due to its geographical location and climate, Costa Rica has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables; which when combined with the interplay of native and European ingredients translate into a unique Costa Rican flavour. The basics of the Costa Rican diet are: rice, beans, and tortillas, which consist primarily of corn. 
The ingredients used by Costa Rican cooks include simple native foods, such as "chayote" (squash), avocados, and the ever present corn. Costa Rican cuisine is also characterized by its' mildness and comes as a surprise to many visitors who might have travelled through Mexico and expect to find the same love spicy chillies in Costa Rican foods. Chillies are used to some degree, however, they are most commonly used in hot sauces with accompany broiled meats and poultry. Tubers, such as sweet potatoes and cassava, commonly known as "yucca" frequently accompany lunch and dinner meals.
In many dishes yucca is often substituted for potato, perhaps boiled and mashed, fried to exquisite crispness to accompany meat and sandwiches instead of fries, or simply boiled and served with butter and garlic. Plantains, a type of banana, are another Costa Rican favourite, and are most often boiled, mashed, stuffed with cheese, or fried to accompany meats or bean dishes. Unlike bananas, plantains are much larger and need to be cooked to be eaten. Costa Rican diet also includes plenty of meats including: Poultry, fish, beef and pork ... We can cater to most dietary restrictions if given prior notice.

BreakfastCosta Rica à cheval
A traditional Costa Rican breakfast consists of "gallo pinto" (Pinto Rooster), eggs, tortillas and sour cream, with coffee and fresh fruit juice. Most restaurants will offer some international options.
Typically known as "casado" (Married), includes: rice and beans, one choice of meat (beef, chicken, pork, or fish), salad, fried plantain (a type of banana, very sweet and very tasty).
Pretty much whatever you like, and fish and seafood here is excellent, well priced, and fresh, as are the fruits and vegetables. Of course Costa Rica produces some of the finest coffee in the world and it's not uncommon to see bumper stickers around proclaiming that "Juan Valdez drinks Costa Rican coffee".

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2022-2023 PRICE / PER PERSON : 

In 2 person bedrooms: 2800 €

Single bedroom supplement: € 450 *

Booking fees: 15 €

* The supplement for single bedrooms is charged if you are alone and want to share, and there is no other rider to share with you.

The price is calculated on the basis of the $, so it may vary up or down at the time of your booking.


Horse and tack rental, guide, accommodation, meals (from breakfast on day 2 to lunch on day 8 + breakfast on day 9), 6 days riding on, entrance fees, 1 liter of water per day, free transfers from / to San José airport.


Individual insurance, meals on day 1 and dinner on day 8, alcoholic beverages, optional day 6 activities, tips, gratuities, departure tax, personal expenses, drinks, flights,... and in general, anything that is not indicated in "the price includes".

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Useful information

Almost ideal year-round for visitors, the climate is moderate up in the highlands, whilst at the lowlands and coastal areas can range from the low 70's to the high 90's degrees Fahrenheit.
There are 2 main seasons:
- Summer, which is usually dry and lasts from December to May
- Winter, also known as the rainy season and usually running from the end of May to November
The heaviest rainfalls usually occur in September and October.

Average temperatures:
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