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8 days - 7 nights - 5 days riding in Brazil

brazil horseback riding

Amazon is a big place full of rich experiences to offer. The locals say that it would take many lifetimes to experience it all. Marajó is an island located at the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil. It is the largest fluvial island in the world. With a land area of 40,100 square kilometres (15,500 sq mi) Marajó is roughly the size of the Netherlands and Switzerland. It is approximately 295 kilometres (183 mi) long and 200 kilometres (120 mi) wide.
Together with several smaller neighboring islands, separated from Marajó by rivers, it forms the Marajó Archipelago, with an aggregate area of 49,602 square kilometres (19,151 sq mi). Large parts of the islands are flooded during the rainy season because of higher water levels of the Amazon River along the coast and heavy rainfall in the interior. Marajó is almost entirely flat and during the rainy season much of the island turns into a large lake.
The east side of the island is dominated by savanna vegetation. There are large fazendas (ranches) with animal husbandry. There are large herds of domesticated water buffalo on the island –700.000 of them (breeds Carabao, Jafarabadi, Murrah and Mediterranean, this last of higher numerical expression, have good potential for meat and milk production).
The island was the site of an advanced pre-Columbian society, the Marajoara culture, which existed from approximately 400 B.C. to 1600 A.D.
Washed by fresh and salt water at one of the world's most majestic deltas, Marajó Island is an alluring destination for riding in the Amazon environment.
No more than a dozen towns are scattered on Marajó, which is the main island in an archipelago. Most of Marajó's 250,000 inhabitants live on the main island's eastern shores, where the towns of Soure and Salvaterra are located.
Just like the ancient marajoara mound builders, whose culture thrived between the 5th and 14th centuries and whose survival was closely tied to the Amazon river, today's marajoara life greatly revolves around water.
To give a succinct overview of the complete fauna of Amazonia is difficult as it is to adequately describe the great diversity of its flora. The rivers and streams of the basin teem with life, and the forest canopy resonates with the cries of birds and monkeys. There is a notable paucity of large terrestrial mammal species; indeed, many of the mammals are arboreal. Avifauna is particularly rich with about 540 species. Marajó is a birdwatcher's dream. The scarlet ibis (Eudocimus ruber), or guará is one of many species of birds which can be seen on the island - roseate spoonbills, parrots and little blue herons are some of the other birds easy to spot during the dry season (roughly May-November).
Dance is one of the highlights of amazon marajoara life. Lundu and carimbó are the island's signature dances, whose origin goes back to the slaves brought to the archipelago in the eighteenth century to work in cattle raising. You will watch performances of one of these sensuous rhythms at Marajó (*) for groups of 6 or more.
Water Buffalo was introduced in Marajó in the late nineteenth century, can be seen in great part of the island. It is part of the Marajó experience, including the local cuisine.
Buffalo meat and cheese, as well as fish, shrimp and turu, a mangrove mollusk often served as a seasoned broth, are some of the ingredients in the rich marajoara culinary. Frito do vaqueiro, or the "cowboy's fry", a local dish which consists of a buffalo meat cut cooked in its own fat, served with a kind of pirão made from buffalo milk and white cassava flour.
Filé marajoara, the local buffalo steak, is smothered with melted buffalo cheese. Shrimp fritatta, chichen with fried bananas and Brazil nut farofa are some other delicacies you'll find on the ranches you will stay.

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Day 1: Arrival in Belem -Transfer to your hotel - visit Mangal das Garças.

Day 2: Early breakfast (6 AM) 6.30 departure to the Port of Belem to take the boat to Marajo island.We sail for two hours crossing the Amazon river to reach the world’s largest freshwater island at the mouth of the Amazon. On arrival at the island, we take a car to the port of Salvaterra vilage where a fast boat will be waiting to take the group to Ilha da Rpça Farm. In the afternoon our first ride goes to Flecheiras farm, through the forest of Ingás, palm trees, with beautiful view of the fields. At Flecheiras farm we will do a short buffalo ride. Return to Ilha da Rpça Farm for diner and overnight.

Day 3: Early breakfast, leaving the farm carrying everything in the saddlebag. Our destination is Anjos farm and it’s big pirarucús fish lake. We will have lunch there. After lunch ride with Anjo’s gauchos on their water buffalo daily job. In the afternoon return to Ilha da Roça farm for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Erly breakfast and start the ride to Fazenda Bangu, on the way we pass Tapera farm and São Luiz farm. At the dock of Fazenda Bangu we will take a fast boat to go to Sanjo Farm.          On the way we may take the Furo Miguelão, channel under the mangrove forest and igapó forest, built with human strength in the first half of the 20th century, to shorten navigation among farms in the region. Inside the hole, with a bit of luck, we will have to spot howler monkeys, sloths, giant otters, and some species of birds. Our goal is to observe species of the Marajoara fauna such as maguaris, white and blue herons, red guarás, loons, mallards and many others. With a little luck we will be able to see guariba (howler monkeys) and capybaras, common in this region. Dinner and overnight at Sanjo Farm.

Day 5: After breakfast, ride with Sanjo’s gauchos to bring the grazing water buffalo back through flooded fields to the ranch, separating the females to take to the maternity, those pregnant. Also collect the females who already have already given birth. Lunch at Sanjo. In the afternoon ride to Bom Jardim farm, crossing bush areas, reaching the river's edge, and farm port. On the way we stop in the farms house for a coffee. Return to Sanjo for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: After breakfast, ride to San Sebastian farm where we arrive for lunch. After lunch, ride throught open fields and return to the corral where the cowboys will make a demonstration on how they work their horses. Latter, return to Sanjo for dinner and overnight.

Day 7: After breakfast, departure by boat from Sanjo to the village of Soure where we will visit Marajoara Ceramics Works of the Artisan Carlos Amaral, which reproduces pieces based on the Aruan culture, the last indigenous ethnic group to inhabit Marajó; we also will visit the Artisan's Works of Ronaldo Guedes, a contemporary artist, who reproduces ceramic pieces based on the various indigenous ethnic groups that inhabited Marajó, as well as pieces of wood collected from beaches and mangroves; latter we will visit the local Saddle maker, a artisan production of leather articles, a tradition transmitted by generations. Lunch at the village and after lunch take the boat to Belem. On arrival transfer to our hotel.

Day 8: Transfer to the airport after breakfast.

* Indicative itinerary: may be changed if necessary.


Day 1 afternoon at 3 pm at Belem airport. Free transfer to the departure point.

Day 8 morning after breakfast, free transfert to Belem airport. Book a flight after 1 pm.

Flights are not included, as it is more interesting to book flights separately instead of paying agency commission on a full package. We are however at your disposal to help you find the best rates (free service).


randonnee a cheval au bresil
You must be able to walk, trot, canter.

Maximum weight: 95 kg. Minimum age: 12 yrs old, coming with 1 adult.
Specific local breed of the island of Maraujo. Descendants of the Portuguese horses, crossed with Arabian horses, introduced on the island in 1702. Horses adapted to the climatic conditions of the region and to the ground. Small (130 to 150 cm), very hardy and balanced.

Professional licensed guide, speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese, French.

2 to 6  riders + the guide.

rando a cheval au bresilHORSES: 
Specific local breed of the island of Maraujo. Descendants of the Portuguese horses, crossed with Arabian horses, introduced on the island in 1702. Horses adapted to the climatic conditions of the region and to the ground. Small (130 to 150 cm), very hardy and balanced.

Local comfortable trail ride saddles.


rando cheval bresil
In authentic fazendas (ranches) of colonial style. Each fazenda is different. The style is rustic. Most offer double rooms, sometimes 4-bed rooms with shared bathrooms. Accommodation is limited in capacity, a night in a hammock is possible. 

Meals are typical and varied, Brazilian cuisine.

Luggage will be transported on carts (pulled by buffaloes) and boats. Rigid suitcases and hand luggage are to be avoided. Provide flexible luggage, duffel bags and / or flexible backpacks ("soft" luggage) are recommended. Additional baggage can be stored at the hotel in Belem.

During the ride, there is no internet signal or mobile phone connection. For all emergencies, all ranches have telephones.
Electricity: The electricity in the ranches is powered by a generator only at night. Some only until 10 p.m. we suggest you bring a small flashlight or headlamp.

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The price depends on the number of riders registered. Contact us to know the number of riders on the date that interests you.
5-6 riders in shared rooms: € 2,950
3-4 riders in shared rooms: € 3,080
2 riders in shared rooms: € 3,650
Single bedroom supplement: 250 € (note,single bedrooms cannot be guaranteed every evening).
Booking fees: 15 €
The price is calculated on the basis of $, it can therefore vary up or down depending on the exchange rate at the time of booking.

Horse rental, guide, accommodation, meals, return transfers from / to Belem airport at fixed times, booking fees, financial guarantee of your payments by our travel operator deposit .

Individual insurance, tips, personal expenses, drinks, transport to get to Brazil, all that is not indicated in "the price includes".

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