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In line progressive trail rides
In 2-3 person bedrooms, single bedrooms with supplement
Level 3 :You must be able to walk, trot, canter and gallop outdoor

rando cheval Ride a Mangalarga Marchador horse with its particular paces
rando cheval Discover the unique delta of the Parnaiba River
rando cheval Ride through stunning dunes and mangroves

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An exceptional equestrian trail ride in Brazil. White sand, crystal clear ponds, river islands, fresh and salt water beaches, are the two breathtaking destinations of this trail ride: Lençóis Maranhenses and Delta de Parnaíba, promote direct contact with the lush nature !
Lençois Maranhenses, is one of the most beautiful, unique and breathtaking places in the world. Located in northern Brazil, the territory stretches about 75 km wide, 25 km deep. It became a national park in 1981, and tourism only started about 10 years ago. We can say that it is a “hidden gem” of Brazil. The reason why the landscape of the Lençóis is so attractive, is due to the unique and beautiful landscape of hundreds, if not thousands of rolling sand dunes. The region takes its name from this white, undulating landscape, as lençóis means “sheets” in Portuguese. These dunes, after the rainy season, fill with rainwater "filtered" by the dunes. They become crystalline, with stunning colors varying from blue to green.
The Parnaíba River Delta is the only open maritime delta in the Americas. With him, there are only two others in the world: that of the Nile in Egypt, and that of the Mekong in Vietnam. It is an ecological sanctuary of immense natural beauty. Its ramifications form an archipelago with more than 75 islands, dunes, freshwater lagoons and a lush tropical forest.
The Seven Towns National Park, surrounded by 40 ha of environmental protection zone of the Serra da Ibiapaba, is made up of arid savanna forest (babassu forests) and seasonal forest. It protects an important geological formation of formations. The park also has a prehistoric cave with paintings and inscriptions over 100 million years old. Wind, rain, heat and flora, have sculpted seven groups of rock formations called "towns", natural monuments , giving rise to symbolic forms of animals and human figures. The national park has already been mentioned by the writer Erich Von Däniken, author of the cult "CHariots of the Gods" and has aroused great interest among scientists, historians , geologists, archaeologists and even ufologists.



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Day 1 – Meeting at Teresina airport at 3 pm and transfer to the city of Pedro II (200 km/3 h) - in Pedro II is located the largest mine of Opal in Brazil. We will visit an artist and  see how this precious stone is produced. Opal was rare and very valuable in antiquity. In Europe it was a gem prized by royalty, until the opening of vast deposits in Australia in the 19th century. Dinner and accommodation at Serra dos Matões. 
horseback riding in Brazil
Day 2 - Ride from Mirante do Gritador (viewpoint with spectacular view) Serra dos Matões towards Sete Cidades National Park. During our ride this day we will see plants and trees from the cerrado and the caatinga, such as the white angico, the yellow d’arco wood, the Jatobá and other species. Dinner and accommodation at Sete Cidades Lodge. Day with 5 to 6 hours ride

Day 3 – after breakfast we start the ride in Sete Cidades National Park among monuments that nature has carved out over thousands of years. In the afternoon transfer by car to Parnaíba (150 km/1:30 h) On arrival take a boat to Ilha das Canárias/ Canarias Island (30 minutes) Day with 3 hours ride
discover Brazil on horseback
Day 4 - Ilha das Canarias/ Canarias Island. The island is environmentally protected area, part of the Marine Extractive Reserve of the Delta. After breakfast we will embark on a speed boat tour through the majestic labyrinth of islands of the Parnaíba Delta. The route will take us to see the microcosm of the Delta, where we can observe all of its natural systems: desert beaches, big dunes, narrow streams, estuary, river, fields, big and beautiful mangroves. Tour lasts approximately 4 hours with stops at the deserted beach of Poldros and set of dunes of Morro Branco. Delicious lunch at a beach restaurant located on a dune with panoramic views. In the afternoon we return to Parnaiba – transfer to hotel Casa de Santo Antonio boutique hotel. Dinner and accommodation.
horse riding trip in Brazil
Day 5 – after breakfast, transfer (20 minutes) to Ponta da Barra to start the ride between dunes and lagoons towards Carnaubinha beach. Lunch on arrival at Carnaubinha Beach Resort. Return by car to Casa de Santo Antonio boutique hotel. In the evening, dinner at Porto das Barcas, visit its craft shops and the interesting Museum of the Sea. Day with 5 to 6 hours ride.

equestrian trip in BrazilDay 6 – after breakfast Transfer to Barreirinhas (180 km/3 h) and from there by boat to Atins/Lençóis Maranhenses. After settling at your hotel we leave at 4 PM for a Sunset Ride. It is a breathtaking first day at the dunes, seeing those beautiful sights in front of us. A unique opportunity to take the most beautiful photographs and watch the sun go down across the stunning landscape. Special dinner at a restaurant that is very close to the dunes. Day with 3 hours ride.
Atins: The small fishermen's village of Atins is nested between the entrance of Lençois Maranhenses Park and the splendid delta of the Preguiças River. There life is still somewhat “primitive”. The streets are all of sand, and it is possible to see oxen, cows, donkeys walking freely through the alleys. Atins is also a famous destination for kite surfers thanks to optimal wind levels and flat waters.
Brazil equestrian holiday
Day 7 – full day ride between dunes and lagoons. we ride crossing small rivers of crystal clear water, a good time to cool off before arriving at the first group of dunes, a beautiful view of wonderfully colored lagoons, natural pools for swimming and photographing, while exploring the shapes of the dunes and lagoons we continue to Ponta do Mangue, a village within the park where we will have lunch. After a rest in the backyard hammocks the guide will share his experience with the natives and we continue our ride. At the end of the day we leave our horses we return in a vehicle to our hotel at village of Atins. Day with 5 to 6 hours ride.

Day 8 – after breakfast we return to our horses and start our last day of ride in this wonderful environment. We go out to Lagoa das Sete Mulheres time for a refreshing swim, and ride around the dune field on the way to Canto de Atins. We arrive at the beach where we have a great opportunity to canter along the coast. Day with 5 hours ride

Day 9 - Departure after breakfast. Transfer to Sao Luis airport.

* Indicative itinerary: may be changed if necessary.


Day 1: at Teresina airport at 3 p.m. Free transfer to the first hotel.

Day 9: free transfer to Sao Luis airport after breakfast. Book flights in the afternoon.

Please note: arrival at Teresina airport, departure from Sao Luis airport.
Flights are not included, as it is more interesting to book flights separately instead of paying agency commission on a full package. We are however at your disposal to help you find the best rates (free service).


RIDING LEVEL: horse ride in Brazil
Be comfortable on horseback at three gaits outdoors, at a gallop on varied terrains and beaches.
Maximum weight: 100 kg. Minimum age: 12 years old accompanied by an adult.

You will normally be in the saddle between 3 and 6 hours. The pace of the trek varies from walk, on narrow forest paths, and to trot and gallop as soon as the terrain permits.

Local guide speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese.

From 4 to 10 riders + the guide.
horse riding in BrazilHORSES: 
Mangalarga Marchador: from the crossing of Portuguese Lusitanian Alter Real and Berber horses. The Mangalarga Marchador does not trot, it displays four gaits: step, gallop, and two amble gaits ("la marcha batida" and "la marcha picada") very comfortable!

Brazilian saddles. The saddles are deep and padded for long hours of riding.


ACCOMMODATION: Brazil horseback ride
You stay in a selection of hotels and guesthouses along the route. They may vary according to dates and availability. The accommodation on the first two nights is of an average standard, while the following nights are very comfortable hotels.

rando cheval BresilMEALS:

The meals of the first two days are very typical of the sertao (countryside) with meat or chicken. The other days, near the coast, you can enjoy specialties based on fish and seafood. All meals are served with rice, beans, and salads. Breakfast and one other meal are included in the price each day (lunch or dinner) according to the schedule. For the other meal, you pay on the spot at the restaurant and can choose freely from the menu. Prices are reasonable and credit cards are generally accepted.


Insured by assistance vehicle between accommodations.

horseback riding in Brazil 
horse riding vacation in Brazil horse riding holiday in Brazil
equestrian vacation in Brazil equestrian holiday in Brazil week horse riding in Brazil
week horseback riding Brazil image-20211123215928-5 horse riding trek in Brazil Brazil horse riding
equestrian trip in Brazil horse riding trip in Brazil 

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In 2 person bedroom: 2095  €
Single bedroom supplement: 450 €

Booking fees: 15 €
* Prices may vary up or down at the time of your booking, depending on exchange rates.


Horse treks as described, rental of an equipped horse, guide, accommodation, breakfasts, 1 meal per day (lunch or dinner of your choice), ferry crossings, transfers from Teresina airport (arrival) and to Sao Luis airport (departure) at fixed times, the financial guarantee of your payments by our travel operator surety.


Individual insurance, tips, personal expenses, drinks, any visits, 1 meal per day (lunch or dinner of your choice), flights to Brazil (we are at your disposal to find the best flights or offer you a package including flights), anything that is not indicated in "the price includes".

Dates From Infos Contact
- 2095€ + Infos
- 2095€ + Infos
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- 2095€ + Infos
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Please note: Any stay may be canceled in the event of insufficient bokkings to ensure the stay up to 21 days before the starting date. In this case, a replacement stay may be offered to you, if it does not suit you: full refund is guaranteed without compensation. We advise you to book refundable flights / trains.

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