Go horseback riding in the wilderness of western Canada. A breathtaking ride in the Rockies of Canada, in the Kananaskis range.
A five-day wild adventure on horseback, where you will discover breathtaking landscapes with your horse. Conviviality and western atmosphere on the camps, life in the middle of nature ... Live a fantastic equestrian experience !

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Stationary and progressive trail rides
In dormitories or bedrooms
Level 2 : You must be able to walk, trot, canter in an arena or outdoor

A week horseback ride in Canada through the wilderness of western Canada. Breathtaking mountain scenery in the Kananaskis Range, foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains.
A wild adventure. Five days on horseback where you will share with your horse unforgettable moments through breathtaking landscapes, friendliness, excellent cuisine on the camps, and the opportunity to learn as much as possible about horses and life in full of nature.

rando à cheval au Canada

Programme intro


image-20221115130746-1Day 1: Backcountry ride to Sundance Lodge
Riders meet at 9:30 a.m. at Warner Stables. Make your way to our backcountry check in area in the large barn. For those with a vehicle, free parking is available at the stables for the duration of the trip. Here you will meet your fellow riders and your guides for your trip. Slickers and saddlebags will be handed out if required and you will have time to organize your gear and ask any questions you may have.
Your guides will then introduce you to your horse, which has been specifically picked for you. Once you are comfortable you will mount up for the 10-mile ride to Sundance Lodge via the glacier-fed waters of the Bow River, Healy and Brewster Creeks. Half-way to the lodge, you will stop and enjoy a hot lunch by the Bow River. After lunch, we will continue along the trail into Sundance Lodge. You will saunter into Sundance Lodge at around 4:30pm, where you will be greeted by the friendly lodge host and shown to your room where you can freshen up with a warm shower and settle in. Your lodge host will cater to your every need and make you feel welcome at the lodge, like you are a guest in their home. This is no simple, basic lodge – you will be pampered in backcountry luxury, sleeping in a comfortable bed and dining on gourmet cuisine whipped up by your talented host in the professional kitchen. You will be surrounded by the beautiful backcountry of Banff, yet you will still enjoy the luxuries of life.
Riding approx. 10 miles (5-6 hours)
Meals included: Lunch & Dinner
Overnight at Sundance lodge

Day 2: Ride the Erling Strom Trail to Halfway Lodge
The adventure continues as you journey 9 miles southward to Halfway Lodge. The rugged peaks of the Sundance Range loom over the eastern horizon as you follow the winding historic Erling Strom Trail. You will be following in the footsteps that the early explorers of the Canadian Rockies took nearly a century ago. We will stop along the way for a picnic in the fresh air of an open mountain meadow. Tonight we will stay at Halfway Lodge. Located at the midway point between Banff and Assiniboine Mountain where weary riders have been stopping to rest since the 1920s. As you approach you will notice the trees start to thin out and the mountains peeking up above the tree line all around you. It is tucked into a postcard-perfect setting, with a striking cauldron of mountains all around it. This lodge was constructed by Erling Strom in the 1920s as a stopover spot for the guests he lead on trips from Banff to Mount Assiniboine. With propane lanterns and candles providing lighting and a woodstove providing warmth, it has not changed much in the last 80 years.
Riding approx. 9 miles (5-6 hours)
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Overnight at Halfway lodge.

image-20221115131001-1Day 3: Climb Allenby Pass on horseback to 8,100 feet
After a hearty breakfast you can leave your belongings at the lodge and set off on another adventure. Today you will make the thrilling climb up Allenby Pass on horseback, an elevation of 8,100 feet. For many this is the highlight of the trip, as you will get a breathtaking view of the jagged rock formations, the enormous amphitheater of mountains stretching out all around you. It is mind-boggling to imagine that Allenby Pass was a seafloor millions of years ago. If you look closely, you can still spot fossils of sea creatures visible among the rocks. At the end of the day, you will return to your familiar room at Halfway Lodge, where you already feel comfortable and at home. As the sun sets behind the mountains, you can sit back and relax, drink wine and share stories and photos with your fellow adventurers.
Riding approx. 3-5 miles depending on time of year and trail conditions (4-6 hours)
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Overnight at Halfway lodge.

Day 4: Rest time to enjoy the backcountry
Today is a rest day at the Lodge. An optional hike to a shimmering glacial fed lake at the end of the valley, where you can enjoy views of the valley below, can be organized. However, if you would rather relax, there is no pressure. This lodge is a lovely place to find some quiet time, far away from the pinging of notifications and the pressure of your endless to-do list. It is a chance to relax, perhaps by sitting on the deck while getting lost in the pages of a good book.  You may even take some time to groom your horse, who has no doubt become your best friend by this point.
No riding
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Overnight at Halfway lodge

Day 5: Follow Brewster Creek to Sundance Lodge
Say goodbye to the lovely staff at Halfway Lodge. It is time to hit the winding trail along Brewster Creek back to Sundance Lodge. Be warned: you will not want to leave Halfway Lodge once you have experienced this gorgeous retreat in the Rockies. Your guide will lead you through the backcountry on a scenic and exciting trail, crisscrossing the valley in the historic footsteps of the early pioneers and stopping for lunch along the way. You will arrive back at Sundance Lodge again, a luxurious retreat you will have fallen deeply in love with. Pamper yourself after your ride with a warm shower and a glass of wine, then enjoy another delicious meal prepared by your professional chef lodge host.
Riding approx. 9 miles (5-6 hours)
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Overnight at Sundance lodge

image-20221115130836-2Day 6: Return to Warner Stables
It is your last morning at Sundance Lodge, which by now will feel like home due to the warm hospitality of your host. Wake up in your comfortable bed one last time, gather around for a delicious breakfast and wave goodbye as you begin the journey back to Banff. It is your final day on the trail – a gentle 9 mile ride from Sundance back to Warner Stables. Your guide will lead you through the backcountry along winding river trails and through the thick pine forests, with the jagged peaks of the Rockies always standing proudly on the horizon. You will stop along the banks of Healy Creek for a lunch of fresh sandwiches, baked goods and fruit. You will return at approximately 4:30 pm, with plenty of great tales from the backcountry to tell your family and friends.
Riding approx. 10 miles (5-6 hours)
Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch.

* Indicative itinerary, subject to modifications if necessary.


Sunday directly at the ranch at 9:30 am. We recommend booking one night for arriving the day before in Banff.

Friday afternoon.

From Calgary to Banff, you can take a bus (about 2 hours drive), about 80$ each way. See: https://banffairporter.com/

Rentals are particularly advantageous on the site: www.autoeurope.fr 
A credit card (“CREDIT” on the card) is often required, “DEBIT” cards are often refused.

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NIVEAU: image 304
Be comfortable on horseback at a walk and trot. Plan a little walking on some mountain trails.

4 to 6 hours on horseback per day with 1 day off. About 2h30 to 3h in the morning, lunch break en route. Rides are done at walking pace in order to fully enjoy the scenery and wildlife viewing, and due to the rugged mountainous terrain of the area!

From 2 to 14 riders.

1 guide per group of 6 riders. Enthusiastic local guides share their knowledge of the different regions you pass through.

Quarter Horses, Appaloosa's, Paints, and some draft cross.

Western saddles. 


HEBERGEMENT: image-20221115134351-1

Two lodges that offer basic amenities in shared rooms (3 beds per room) with shared bathrooms. The warm hosts make you feel like you are a guest. Attention, no electricity in these mountain lodges: no possibility of recharging devices or being connected to the Internet.



Sundance Lodge :
The lodge is the perfect balance of comfort and authenticity – giving you the Wild West Explorer feeling without having to rough it. Completed in 1991, Sundance Lodge now sits on the original site of the horse corral for Ten-Mile cabin, built by Canadian Pacific Railway back in the 1920's. The cabin itself remains standing and was declared a historical site in 1990. It was used as a refuge for mountain guides and packers traveling to Mount Assiniboine, whose names you can still see carved into the logs. Sundance Lodge sits alongside a gentle curve on Brewster Creek, with the Sundance mountain range as a backdrop. Built entirely with fir logs, the lodge has 10 sleeping rooms, a large country kitchen, and a cozy living room area where you can curl up by the wood stove and lose yourself in a good book. And although it is a remote back-country lodge, we decided to add what we felt was an important comfort from home - hot showers! (Please note that, for environmental reasons, showers are restricted to one per stay). The lodge is powered by solar and heated by burning wood and there are indoor washrooms and heated showers onsite. Private sleeping arrangements are possible depending upon trip size, but are not guaranteed. Sundance has 10 sleeping rooms with 3 beds in each room; rooms are designated on a 'choose your own' basis once at the lodges. Each room contains coat hooks, lantern, small desk, chair, beds, and bedding. The lodge can hold up to 34 people.





Halfway Lodge :
Surrounded by the beauty of towering peaks, Halfway Lodge has been a welcome haven for over 80 years. Rich in tradition, this cabin was used back in the late 1920's by mountain guide Erling Strom as a stopover for his guests traveling from Banff to Mount Assiniboine. Then a single storied cabin, Strom's wranglers spent the night sleeping in tents while the guests found floor space within. Halfway has remained pretty much as originally built, with the exception of a second story added in 1967 when a bear made an appearance through an unexpected entrance - the roof! Thanks to the bear, Halfway now sleeps a maximum of 14 guests in four rooms (single beds only). The lifestyle at this rustic backcountry cabin remains much the same as it was 80 years ago - simple. Propane lanterns and candles provide the lighting, and a wood stove keeps the water hot and the cabin warm and cozy. There are two shared outhouses and an outdoor shower onsite.


All meals are included in this trip from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on your last day. Backcountry cooks prepare sophisticated, hearty meals from braised beefshort ribs and Creme Brûlée Cheesecake on one night, to grilled salmon with bumbleberry pie the next. Limited wine and beer is available for purchase.



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