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Brazil, the giant of South America, covers a large part of the continent with many diverse regions. Brazil is an attractive country, with its dazzling beaches, tropical islands, canyons, waterfalls, picturesque towns and villages, ... for superb horseback rides ! The landscapes are as diverse as the Brazilians ! Each of our horseback rides has its own appeal. All of our horseback riding tours in Brazil offer superb wildlife viewing opportunities, in lands of ecological wonder.


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A new horseback riding trip in northeastern Brazil, which will take you through three distinct, yet magnifiqued regions: the Paraiba River Delta, Sete Cidades National Park and the Lencois Maranhenses. Lençois Maranhenses, is one of the most beautiful, unique and breathtaking places in the world. Its dunes, after the rainy season, fill with rainwater "filtered" by the sand. They become crystalline, with stunning colors varying from blue to green. In the Park of Sete Cidades, the wind, the rain, the heat and the flora, have sculpted seven groups of rock formations called “towns”, in the symbolic forms of animals and human figures.

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Horseback ride in Brazil in Big Fish Restinga Lagoon National Park. A unique opportunity to discover on a superb Lusitanian horse, a set of very rich ecosystems. In an inhospitable region like this, everything is accessible on horseback, allowing you to get out of the Patos lagoon, called the "inland sea" (280 km long and up to 60 km wide). In a few hours on horseback, you reach the "outer sea", the Atlantic, crossing wetlands, native forests, dunes, lagoons and beaches: an incredible diversity. The natives say that "it is the only place where the sun rises and sets in the sea".

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A horseback ride to meet the gauchos of Brazil, and their love of the horse. For the gaucho, "it is the horse that leads the way, and with a horse you blend into the" Rio Grande do Sul ". It is around the fire that the gaucho welcomes riders with a chimarrão (typical hot drink). based on erva-mate).
A ride in Brazil in breathtaking landscapes, between mountain peaks and canyons with many waterfalls to enjoy refreshing swimming during the ride.

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A stationary horseback ride in Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Norton on the northeast coast of Brazil, one of the most spectacular coastlines in the country: 500 km of paradisiacal tropical beaches, among the most beautiful beaches in the world. You stay in a comfortable hotel by the sea, you ride magnificent Mangalarga Marchador horses. You ride through varied landscapes: sugar cane plantations, tropical forests, sand dunes and, of course: fabulous beaches ! The horses you ride come from one of the three best breeding farms in Brazil.

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This horseback riding tour in Brazil begins and ends in a seaside resort on the Atlantic coast. You explore the coast and the typical villages of Bahia on horseback. A variety of terrain, from wonderful beaches and mangroves to cliff top trails and unspoiled forest. The golden sands and emerald sea of ​​Trancoso in Bahia: one of the first colonies founded by the Portuguese in Brazil (1586), a village of incredible beauty. With its warm climate throughout the year, it is an ideal retreat for riders looking for an exotic location and the best beaches in Brazil. At the foot of the cliffs you will find wonderful beaches bordered to the north and south by rivers that flow into the sea. You will find small natural swimming pools, an unspoiled rain forest and many kilometers of white sand beaches. The place is ideal for making beautiful horse rides with gallops along the water.


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Marajó is an island located at the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil. It is the largest river island in the world. With an area of ​​40,100 square kilometers, Marajó is roughly the size of the Netherlands and Switzerland. It is approximately 295 kilometers (183 miles) long and 200 kilometers (120 miles) wide. With several neighboring smaller islands, separated from Marajó by rivers that form the Marajó archipelago, with a total area of ​​49,602 square kilometers. Large parts of the islands are inundated during the rainy season due to higher water levels from the Amazon River along the coast and heavy rainfall inland. Marajó is almost entirely flat, and during the rainy season much of the island turns into a large lake. The eastern part of the island is dominated by savanna vegetation. There are large fazendas (ranches) with livestock. There are many herds of domesticated water buffalo.