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Our horseback trail rides and holidays in Morocco will make you escape from the modern world and you will discover the traditions of this extraordinary Morocco. Moroccans are known for their hospitality, practicing a moderate, open and tolerant Islam. Friendship gestures until parties will mark your welcome. There is no better way than to explore this beautiful country on horseback. Our equestrian guides will take you to the most remote areas and will make you discover the culture of Morocco on horseback. Equestrian adventures in Morocco that you will never forget.


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Horse riding in Morocco - Essaouira is a city with a unique architecture of its port and fortifications (Vauban style) and a special atmosphere that reigns there. It awakes a timeless feeling that no longer exists in the modern world, a sense that the past still lives on. In former times Essaouira was a pirate headquarter, nowadays it is famous for its musicians and artists from all nationalities. Moroccan craftwork can be admired in many different forms, including jewelry and inlay work. It is ranked also among the best places for wind sports like surfing and windsurfing throughout Morocco. If it is possible it would be a great idea to prolong the vacation for spending some more days in Essaouira or Marrakesh and do some shopping. Just as our horse riding trek « Around Essaouira », a star one in our programme, it is a round ride around this beautiful morrocan fishing port the battlements of which are similar to those in Saint Malo.




A loop horseback trail ride in Morocco in the High Atlas, North of Agadir. You leave the Atlantic coast to reach altitudes close to 2000m. Splendid views of the deep valleys and banks, rides in canyons, in the heart of palm groves, on trails frequented only by villagers. Some foot crossings are inevitable. The mountain sides are covered with terraced almond trees and aromatic plants (thyme, lavender, rosemary ...) that allow Berber populations to produce excellent honey. The villages (douars) on the mountain side, or in the palm groves which border the wadis, in the bottom of valleys, are built in stones, the roofs are in mud. The nights planned at the inhabitant, allow us to witness the manufacture of argan oil, baking bread in a traditional oven and taste the amlou, gastronomic specialty made of honey, oil argan and crushed almonds. 


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Horseback trail ride in Morocco. The first part of this horseback ride in Morocco, you will discover the immense palm grove of the Draa Valley. This grove is dotted with small gardens surrounding fortified villages (ksours) built of adobe and generously decorated pink. The second part allows us to cross large areas sometimes covered with dunes (erg), sometimes rocky (reg), premises of the great Sahara. Each day offers a different vision of the desert. The unusual encounters are frequent. Some Tuareg families, surrounded by herds of goats and camels, the tents are only human presence in these arid places. Starry nights are exceptional beauty, like the colors at sunrise and sunset.
On certain dates, a variant of this circuit is offered with accommodation in hotels every night.


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The landscapes are all in contrast to the foot of the central High Atlas. From the large palm grove of Skoura, oasis, almond groves and open valleys follow one another before the austere plateaus of Ait Zaghar dominated by M'Goun. It is the territory of the tribes of Imghrane and Ikandoulne, where small lost douars are hidden in the scenery. Still a few arid and desert areas giving the surrounding area a desert look, and you join the Valley of Roses, one of the most enchanting region of the Great South Morocco. You discover the gardens of the Atlas, with their beautiful kasbahs of ocher earth and their thousands of roses delimiting the fields and orchards irrigated by the seguias. Women and children pick rose petals in April, and in May, for three days, a moussem closes the harvest.


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A horseback ride in the Moroccan Atlas on the ancient Berber paths of the beautiful Ounila valley, between the famous Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou and Telouet. This ride in Morocco on the salt trail takes you to discover beautiful fortified villages in adobe. Built to protect caravans against the attacks of looters, they streak on the caravan trail that connected southern Morocco to Marrakech. With a variety of landscapes in the colors of ocher and red earth, terraced crops and green gardens, or oleanders bordering small canyons. Landscapes that inspired Jacques Majorelle, the painter of the Kasbahs. Welcoming population, beauty of the landscapes, authenticity of the meetings, are the characteristics of this hike in the Moroccan Atlas.


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Between mountains and desert, between the Dades valley and the Drâa valley, Jebel Saghro is a volcanic massif of great beauty. Its gorges, towers and rocky peaks are strangely reminiscent of the landscapes of the Hoggar desert. Naked landscapes that hide some green valleys covered with almond trees, oleander, fig and palm trees. During the season, small fields of cereal crops can be observed. Its highest point is the Kouadouch, at about 2600 m altitude. These countries, apparently inhospitable, nevertheless provide a haven for the herds of goats or camels that the nomads of the tribe of Ait Atta accompany from the high plateaux of the chain M'Goun (second summit of the High Atlas) covered with snow in winter. Their presence creates a special atmosphere for these lunar spaces.


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The Great Moroccan South separates the Saghro massif from the dune formations that appear in the west of the Oued Draa. At the gates of the great desert, the Moroccan Sahara is crossed by many nomads. This horseback trail ride is ideal to approach the desert wild life. A very varied itinerary, between dunes, arid plateaus, oases, palm groves, and superb kasbahs, which will allow you to immerse yourself during a few days in the desert life.