Horseback riding in the south of France : Destinations

aThe Camargue is the Rhône delta, on the Mediterranean coast, the south of Provence, the heart of the cowboy culture in France: the Camargue herdsmen . The Camargue is the horse land. The Camargue horse is usually small, with a calm temperament. The Camargue horse race was recognized in 1978 by the National Stud .Cap Rando offers horseback rides o[...]
The Provence is a geographical and historical region in the South of France, which runs from the lower left side of the Rhône river to the Italian border, and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Provence is the administrative region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA), and includes the departments of Var, Alpes Maritimes, Bouches-[...]
Horseback riding in Andalusia. The name " Andalusia " comes from the Arabic word Al -Andalus and the term is derived in turn from " Vandalusia " or land of the Vandals. Andalusia is marked by the Arabic influence. The Sierra Nevada is one of the major mountains of Andalusia. Andalusia is a traditionally agricultural region. Andalusia has a rich and[...]
Horseback riding in Mongolia. Mongolia is a wilderness, exceptional and varied: the foresties areas , deserts , steppes and lakes populated by over 15 different ethnic groups. Discover Mongolia on horseback. The horse in Mongolia is part of the culture of the country, revealing wealth. Life in Mongolia is punctuated by the horse and history. In Mo[...]
Two rides to finish the year under the sun with CAP RANDO : End of the Year and New Year's Ever in PROVENCE : END OF THE YEAR AND NEW YEAR'S EVE IN PROVENCE Riding under the famous sun of Provence. Day or half day rides in the Luberon Regional Nature Park, in the forests or along vineyards, olive and other fruit trees. Hot picnics will be brough[...]