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Cap Rando has selected the best professionals offering quality horses and horseback trips in the world. Our choice is not to offer a multitude of destinations because we want to work with partners that we know well, friends, with the benefit of the Cap Rando expertise and its 30 years experience in horseback trail ride organization in Provence. We offer you great horseback rides in Europe: Spain, PortugalItaly, IrelandCroatia ... and MoroccoCanada, Peru, Jordan, Mongolia, Caribbean, United Emirates ...



HORSEBACK HOLIDAYS AND TRAIL RIDES IN ANDALUSIA   Horseback riding in Andalusia. The name " Andalusia " comes from the Arabic word Al -Andalus and the term is derived in turn from " Vandalusia " or land of the Vandals. Andalusia is marked by the Arabic influence. The Sierra Nevada is one of the major mountains of Andalusia. Andalusia is a [...]
Horseback riding in Mongolia. Mongolia is a wilderness, exceptional and varied: the foresties areas , deserts , steppes and lakes populated by over 15 different ethnic groups. Discover Mongolia on horseback. The horse in Mongolia is part of the culture of the country, revealing wealth. Life in Mongolia is punctuated by the horse and history. In Mo[...]
HORSEBACK RIDING IN SPAIN   Spain is a Cap Rando flagship destination. In Spain, the offer of equestrian holidays is important, and it is sometimes difficult to find the one that suits you best. In addition, many structures are managed by foreigners (English, German, French) and we preferred to select Spanish guides and instructors, who perf[...]